Bass Cover #122: L'AME IMMORTELLE - 5 Jahre
covers · 25. October 2021
L'ame Immortelle was one of those goth bands you couldn't possibly miss in 2002-2006 in Europe. They were very big in the gothic community and I really loved what they were doing back then. I even went to Moscow to see them live at a local dark festival in 2003 (my first goth gig, yeah!). After that, I've seen them many times in Germany and every time it was worth it even though I've kind of lost touch with their music at some point... Still, if you'd like to explore some classic, very...
Bass Cover #121: JUDAS PRIEST - Grinder
covers · 11. October 2021
Honestly, it's a mission impossible to choose a Judas Priest song to cover because there's more than a hundred of them on my list and I love them all equally :) “Grinder” from the Priest classic album “British Steel” is just one of those songs I'm always in the mood to listen to. It's not really a song, it's a pure heavy metal ecstasy on wheels!

Bass Cover #120: MICHAEL JACKSON - Dirty Diana
covers · 27. September 2021
I made this cover not because the bass part of this song is something special. I made it simply because of the effect it had on me back when I was eleven years old. I was amazed not even with the song itself but with the video! All this huge crowd of screaming fans, gigantic stage, smoke bombs, Jackson with all his screams and moves, and above all that freaking black latex devil Steve Stevens!! I had no idea who he was, I didn't know he was famous because of his life-long multi-platinum...
Collaboration: FASTER PUSSYCAT - House Of Pain
covers · 22. September 2021
It feels great to do another full-band collaboration when you don't just play along with a record but really play a song with other musicians... who live hundreds of thousands of kilometers from you! Crazy huh? You gotta love the Internet :) This time I was lucky to be invited to do this very underrated ballad by Faster Pussycat called "House Of Pain". Thanks, buddies, that was a pleasure! The line-up:

I joined a band
how's life · 21. September 2021
Today is a big day because I officially joined the Hamburg-based band called Das Letzte Lager as the live bass player. The band plays death metal (with probably some stoner metal vibes) with the German lyrics. We're already hard at rehearsals... Very cool stuff if you ask me, with big riffs, exactly what I like in this kind of music. I mean there are thousands of black/death metal bands I wouldn't be able to tell apart even if my life depended on it. And there are such acts as Dark Throne or...
Collaboration: SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The UK
covers · 17. September 2021
Hey, the new all-band collaboration is here! What could you possibly say about this song?... You know it and it's a top rock'n'roll classic. The line-up: Vocals - Andrea Boglio YouTube: Instagram: Guitars - Fourlan Nogueira Pereira YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Drums - Travyss...

Bass Cover #119: EUROPE - More Than Meets The Eye
covers · 13. September 2021
I guess “More Than Meets the Eye” was the last single of Europe's “Out Of This World” album in 1988. The song is just a perfect example of what you could hear on the album – very catchy commercial-sounding rock, a major label follow-up of the “The Final Countdown” success produced by one and only Ron Nevison.
Bass Cover #118: PETER CRISS - Don't You Let Me Down
covers · 02. September 2021
The very first self-titled solo album of Peter Criss released in 1978 (together with the first solo albums from Paul, Gene and Ace) was... hm... was nice, I guess :) I think it's one of those albums most people would either love or hate but I'd say I was somewhere in between. I mean it wasn't KISS by any means and the hardcore rock fans were clearly disappointed by this album and somehow disillusioned about Peter being an important creative force behind the band. Still, I kind of liked the...

Bass Cover #117: AUGUST - Metal
covers · 23. August 2021
You may have never heard of the band called August (Август in Russian) but these guys will always have a place in my heart. For reason. Excuse me for a long read, you can skip it :)
Bass Cover #116: FOREIGNER - Juke Fox Hero
covers · 04. August 2021
I can't believe I've never covered anything by one and only majestic Foreigner! Now is the time to fix it with one of my favorite tracks by this band - “Juke Box Hero”. The part is very simple yet damn catchy with all those dead notes, right?

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