Hey guys,

I'm Albert and I'm an alco... I play bass. Maybe I'm not a super pro, but I love playing and usually I can't help feeling quite enthusiastic when I play, which is kinda explains the name of my YouTube channel and this website :) Please excuse my making faces or headbanging during the songs, because I rarely can play while standing still.

I use this channel as a learning tool, because learning and playing songs is a good way to actually learn something.

What also makes this channel different from many other cover channels out there is that I really try to cover the songs nobody has ever covered on YouTube. Of course sometimes I wanna play something popular, some hits everybody knows, but I don't wanna focus on them too much. I mean, I'm sure a cover for "Enter Sandman" #1.648.203 would bring me a bit more viewers than some obscure song, but I'm not really a sucker for stats :)

I try to publish a new cover every Friday.

Take care and don't hesitate to contact me with any comments/suggestions/questions!