Bass Covers

Here's the list of all bass covers I've done so far. All with the tabs written by me. Sometimes I find tabs online and correct them the way I feel the songs should be played and sometimes - my favorite thing! - I take songs without bass at all and write bass parts for them. Probably, just in case you might want to play them live with a real living and breathing bassist. The style is not important, I just play what I like - pop, rock, metal, goth, you name it. Requesting songs makes just a little sense since again, I play only the songs I like. I've tried to ask people to request songs but ended up hating it because I had to spend my time on something that wasn't really my cup of beer. But you know what? I have a brilliant music taste (as most KISS fans do!) so we - you and me - might just like the same things, who knows ;)