Ace Frehley (c) 1978

  1. Rip It Out (Frehley/Larry Kelly/Sue Kelly)
  2. Speedin’ Back to My Baby (Frehley/Jeanette Frehley)
  3. Snow Blind (Frehley)
  4. Ozone (Frehley)
  5. What’s on Your Mind? (Frehley)
  6. New York Groove (Russ Ballard)
  7. I’m in Need of Love (Frehley)
  8. Wiped-Out (Frehley/Anton Fig)
  9. Fractured Mirror (Frehley)

Frehley's Comet (c) 1987

  1. Rock Soldiers (Frehley/Chip Taylor)
  2. Breakout (Frehley/Eric Carr/Richie Scarlett)
  3. Into the Night (Russ Ballard)
  4. Something Moved (Tod Howarth)
  5. We Got Your Rock (Frehley/Marty Kupersmith)
  6. Love Me Right (Frehley/Ira Schickman)
  7. Calling To You (Howarth/Frehley/Jim McClarty/Kevin Russell)
  8. Dolls (Frehley)
  9. Stranger In A Strange Land (Frehley)
  10. Fractured Too (Frehley/John Regan)

Live +1 (c) 1988

  1. Words are not Enough (Frehley/Jim Keneally)

Second Sighting (c) 1988

  1. Insane (Frehley/Gene Moore)
  2. Time Ain't Runnin' Out (Tod Howarth)
  3. Dancin' With Danger (Frehley/Dana Strum/Spencer Proffer/Streatheart)
  4. It's Over Now (Howarth)
  5. Loser In A Fight (Howarth/John Regan)
  6. Juvenile Delinquent (Frehley)
  7. Fallen Angel (Howarth)
  8. Separate (Frehley/Regan)
  9. New Kind Of Lover (Howarth)
  10. The Acorn Is Spinning (Frehley/Regan)

Trouble Walkin’ (c) 1989

  1. Shot Full Of Rock (Frehley/Richie Scarlet)
  2. Do Ya (Jeff Lynne)
  3. Five Card Stud (Frehley/Marc Ferrari)
  4. Hide Your Heart (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/Holly Knight)
  5. Lost In Limbo (Scarlet/Frehley)
  6. Trouble Walkin’ (Bill Wray/Phil Brown)
  7. 2 Yound 2 Die (Frehley/Scarlet)
  8. Back To School (Frehley/John Regan)
  9. Remember Me (Carter Cathcart/Frehley)
  10. Fractured III (Frehley/Regan)

Loaded Deck (c) 1998

  1. One Plus One (Anton Fig/Phil Galdston/Frehley
  2. Give It to Me Anyway (Frehley/Richie Scarlet/Arthur Stead)

Anomaly (c) 2009

  1. Foxy & Free (Frehley)
  2. Outer Space (Jesse Mendez/David Askew/Frehley)
  3. Pain In The Neck (Frehley)
  4. Fox on the Run (Scott/Connolly/Priest/Tucker)
  5. Genghis Khan (Frehley)
  6. Too Many Faces (Frehley)
  7. Change The World (Frehley)
  8. Space Bear (Frehley)
  9. A Little Below the Angels (Frehley)
  10. Sister (Frehley)
  11. It's A Great Life (Frehley)
  12. Fractured Quantum (Frehley)
  13. The Return Of Space Bear (Frehley)

Space Invader (c) 2014

  1. Space Invader (Frehley)
  2. Gimme a Feelin’ (Frehley/John Ostrovsky)
  3. I Wanna Hold You (Frehley/Gen Rubin/Sebastian Basco)
  4. Change (Rachael Gordon/Frehley)
  5. Toys (Gordon/Frehley)
  6. Immortal Pleasures (Gordon/Frehley)
  7. Inside the Vortex (Frehley)
  8. What Every Girl Wants (Frehley)
  9. Past the Milky Way (Frehley/Chris Cassone)
  10. Reckless (Frehley)
  11. The Joker (Ahmet Ertegün/Steve Miller/Eddie Curtis)
  12. Starship (Frehley)

Origins Vol. 1 (c) 2016

  1. White Room (Cream)
  2. Street Fighting Man (The Rolling Stones)
  3. Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix)
  4. Fire And Water (Free)
  5. Emerald (Thin Lizzy)
  6. Bring It On Home (Led Zeppelin)
  7. Wild Thing (Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones)
  8. Parasite (Kiss)
  9. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
  10. Cold Gin (Kiss)
  11. Till The End Of The Day (The Kinks)
  12. Rock and Roll Hell (Kiss)

Spaceman (c) 2018

  1. Without You I'm Nothing (Frehley/Gene Simmons)
  2. Rockin' with the Boys (Frehley)
  3. Your Wish Is My Command (Frehley/Simmons)
  4. Bronx Boy (Frehley/Ronnie Mancuso)
  5. Pursuit Of Rock And Roll (Frehley)
  6. I Wanna Go Back (Danny Chauncey/Monty Byrom/Ira Walker)
  7. Mission to Mars (Frehley/Kunzman/DiBenedetto/Gullic)
  8. Off My Back (Frehley)
  9. Quantum Flux (Frehley)