Peter Criss solo album 1978

Peter Criss (c) 1978

  1. I'm Gonna Love You (Criss/Stan Penridge)
  2. You Matter To Me (Vastano/Morgan/Vincent Poncia)
  3. Tossin' And Turnin' (Richard Adams/Malou Rene)
  4. Don't You Let Me Down (Criss/Penridge)
  5. That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes (Criss/Penridge)
  6. Easy Thing (Criss/Penridge)
  7. Rock Me Baby (Criss/Penridge)
  8. Kiss The Girl Goodbye (Criss/Penridge)
  9. Hooked On Rock 'n' Roll (Criss/Penridge/Poncia)
  10. I Can't Stop The Rain (Sean Delaney)
Peter Criss Out Of Control album cover

Out Of Control (c) 1980

  1. By Myself (Criss/Stan Penridge/David Wolfert)
  2. In Trouble Again (Criss/Penridge)
  3. Where Will They Run (Criss/Penridge)
  4. I Found Love (Criss/Penridge/Wolfert)
  5. There's Nothing Better (Criss/Penridge)
  6. Out Of Control (Criss/Penridge)
  7. Words (Criss/Penridge)
  8. You Better Run (Felix Cavaliere/Eddie Brigati)
  9. My Life (David Bushkin/Criss/Wolfert)
  10. Feel Like Letting Go (Criss/Penridge)

Peter Criss Let Me Rock You album cover

Let Me Rock You (c) 1982

  1. Let It Go (Tommy Faragher/Davey Faragher/Brie Howard)
  2. Tears (Vinnie Cusano/Adam Mitchell)
  3. Move On Over – (Criss/Poncia)
  4. Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
  5. Destiny (Charlie Midnight/Cash Monet/Jeff Schoen)
  6. Some Kinda' Hurricane (Russ Ballard)
  7. Let Me Rock You (Ballard)
  8. First Day In The Rain (Steve Stevens)
  9. Feels Like Heaven (Gene Simmons)
  10. Bad Boys (Criss/Jim Roberge)
Criss Cat #1 album cover

Cat #1 (c) 1994

  1. Bad Attitude (Criss/Mark Montague/Carrion)
  2. Walk the Line (Criss, Montague)
  3. The Truth (Montague/Criss/Tosetti)
  4. Bad People Burn in Hell (Criss/Naro)
  5. Show Me (Montague/Mike Stone/Criss/Bardowell)
  6. Good Times (Criss/Kirk Miller/Montague)
  7. Strike (Criss/Montague)
  8. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (Criss/Naro)
  9. Down With The Sun (Criss/Montague)
  10. We Want You (Carrion/Montague)
  11. Beth (Criss/Stan Penridge/Bob Ezrin)
  12. The Cat (Criss/Montague/Miller/Stone)
  13. What You're Doin' (Criss/Montague/Stone/Miller)

Peter Criss One For All album cover

One For All (c) 2007

  1. One For All (Mike McLaughlin/Criss)
  2. Doesn't Get Better Than This (Charles Kipps/McLaughlin/Criss)
  3. Last Night (McLaughlin/Criss)
  4. What A Difference A Day Makes (Stanley Adams/María Grever)
  5. Hope (McLaughlin/Criss)
  6. Faces In The Crowd (McLaughlin/Criss)
  7. Send in the Clowns (Stephen Sondheim)
  8. Falling All Over Again (McLaughlin/Criss)
  9. Whisper (McLaughlin/Criss)
  10. Heart Behind These Hands (Mark Schoenfeld/Barri McPherson)
  11. Memories (McLaughlin/Criss)
  12. Space Ace (Criss/Mark Montague)