covers · 20. January 2020
This song is one of the musical centerpieces of “Rocky IV”, full of life and hope, but at the same time it's not that popular as some other songs from this soundtrack. Oh well, we have no reason to ignore it, especially since it's one of those good-spirit 80's classics you can sporadically hear on the radio and it has even peaked at number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

covers · 13. January 2020
One of the most dramatic pop/rock songs from “Rocky IV” soundtrack, I'd say. Rocky is devastated by death of his best friend Apollo Creed mercilessly killed by Ivan Drago. He drives his car at night and recalls various moments of their friendship with Apollo and the fatal fight that put an end to his life. The song itself is very emotional and powerful, Robert Tepper did an awesome job here, so I'm not surprised so many bands (metal bands, lately) cover it all the time. Still, I can't...

covers · 02. January 2020
Talking about the most motivational tunes in the history – this one is one of the best ever! The composer Vince DiCola has made a genius tune that still make my skin shiver. When I hear this music I immediately recall myself as a child sitting before a TV screen and watching Rocky Balboa preparing for his historic fight with Ivan Drago. And the freaking coolness of that scene used to blow my mind... strangely, it still does :) That's what real music should do!

covers · 30. December 2019
Now I'd like to do something special, literally – I'd like to make a bass special for five songs/compositions from one of my all-time favorite movies “Rocky”! I can't tell you enough how I love each and every part of it (really, I don't think even the 5th part is bad). It's a legend, it's a movie everyone has to watch at least once in a lifetime, it's a piece of art in every way possible. So I'm gonna do some music from it, which is a piece of art in its own right!

covers · 23. December 2019
Yeah, finally :) Manowar is one of my most favorite bands ever and sooner or later I just had to get to their songs! What can I say... “Kings Of Metal” is as classic as it gets, 1988, Manowar in their top glory! The bass part is beyond primitive, but damn it's fun :) Joey DeMaio is one of those bass guys who don't like to make things too complex without need, but don't underestimate him, he can play circles around other bass players if the song requires it! This time I chose “Kings Of...

covers · 16. December 2019
It's another request and it's actually from my wife this time - “Тёплые коты“ (translated as “Warm Cats” from Russian) by the Ukrainian band called Flëur. The band is unfortunately no more, all the key members went solo, but they had lots of very good songs, this one among them. As a cat person I can totally relate to its tender lyrics and the bossa novish bass part makes it really special, so I hope you'll find it nice enough :) The t-shirt I'm wearing here is a funny cat...

covers · 02. December 2019
I don't think I have to say anything about the band or the song. Honestly, I was asked (or challenged?) to do it and I really don't think I did it 100% alright. I mean I've played it, but it could be played far better. Still, I guess I did what I could counting the fact that this was the first time I played my new Neal Moser Arachnid bass. I'm not used to it yet, I think I hanged it a bit loo low and I didn't want to play it while sitting too. No way! I really need to experiment with this bass...

events · 29. November 2019
It was my first Wardruna concert ever and... frankly, I have no words, I'm f***ing speechless. It was beyond amazing! So, if you have a chance to go and see the band - don't think twice.

events · 26. November 2019
I love love love this band and it was my I guess sixth Coppelius show. I've seen them at a couple of festivals, including Wave Gotik Treffen and some solo gigs so this time I wanted not only to have my usual fun but also to shoot some videos because let's face it – the whole world has to know about Coppelius! I've no idea why the elf are they known only in Germany. First of all, these guys raise some serious hell with cellos, clarinets, live drums + some self-made crazy ass instruments....

covers · 18. November 2019
Oh wow what a song! One of those 80's anthems that never get old. Also, I have to say the bass part here is a pure diamond. I mean at first you think “Huh it's so easy and fun to play”, but then the second half of the songs comes and you might break your fingers trying to play that fast enough and with a decent timing! Honestly, my fingers were burning red when I finished playing and you could make some nice scramble eggs on them. Anyway, it's an awesome song I seriously encourage you to...

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