covers · 15. September 2019
“A Tale Of Creation” is one of those underrated songs everybody just has to know. They say Black Sabbath were the absolute riff masters... Well, in this case, the riff of “A Tale of Creation” by Candlemass should be in the same league! Slow, heavy, epic and sinister – it gets into your head and never leaves it. I haven't found any tabs, so I just made them myself. Even if it isn't 100% correct, at least that's what I've managed to hear on the original record.

covers · 09. September 2019
“Misty Mountain Top” is a really nice and very underrated song by one and only Led Zeppelin, from their fourth album, to be specific. For me it stands out a bit with the fact it actually has a riff and it's a really cool one! Even KISS couldn't help stealing it for their song “Uh! All Night”, hehe. Anyway, back to the song... It starts with a simple and groovy riff, but don't relax too much, because those improvisations John Paul Jones plays in choruses can take a bit of your time. For...

covers · 15. August 2019
What can I say... it's one of those classic KISS tunes you can't miss even if you try. It's everywhere, it's played at each and every KISS show, it's in each and every best-of compilation and back in 1977 it was like – ba-a-am! - an instant classic. It has even gave the name to one of the coolest KISS albums ever! The bass line is a sweet candy too, though I wouldn't call it very easy because rhythmically it can be a challenge.

how's life · 04. August 2019
Boring music equipment stuff :) Just had to change the power supply from Gator G-BUS-8 Multi Power Supply (it had really good ratings everywhere) for Mooer Macro Power, because Gator hummed quite noticeably, especially with higher combo volume. At first, I blamed the pedals or cables for that, but it was Gator. Weird. Really hope Mooer won't have this kind of problems.

covers · 30. July 2019
“Icon” was the first album by Paradise Lost I've given a try to in 1993 and actually it was also the first doom metal album in my life, so... yeah, I love it! It was a magnificent work and a new direction many bands have taken after its release. I wish Paradise Lost stayed true to this style to this day. Oh well, anyway “Ambers Fire” is one of my all-time Paradise Lost favs and I've always wanted to cover it even though the bass line is rather very simple. C'mon, who cares, right? :)

covers · 25. July 2019
After so many views, likes, comments and shares of my The Hu video shot at their gig in Hamburg I couldn't ignore the band anymore... “Wolf Totem” was my favorite song of all three recent singles so I chose it, obviously. What a powerful track! Plus, I found it especially cool that in fact my cover was the first bass cover for any of their songs on YouTube and it's cool to be the first :) Anyway, I didn't want to copy the song's original bass line and I made pretty much my own...

covers · 16. July 2019
Yesterday I was damn tired after two almost full-day rehearsals but strangely enough still felt a major buzz inside, like I really needed to cover something... So I chose a very easy song from one of my all-time favorite Alice Cooper albums - “Brutal Planet”. As I said, it's very easy, perfect for the beginners, yet heavy and quite a fun to play. It's such a brutal planet, it's such an ugly world... Enjoy!

covers · 09. July 2019
I'm not a fan of Extreme, but “Hip Today” is an awesome song with a super tasty bass line. Pat Badger has played it with fingers, so I had to get my shit together and play it with fingers too :) Enjoy!

covers · 24. June 2019
Honestly, I've discovered Devin Townsend just a coupe of months ago and that was quite a day! Like... what is that? His music is the craziest progressive mix of styles possible and I wasn't prepared for anything like that. I was so thrilled that you could probably shoot me in one of those stupid ass “reaction” videos, that could be called “Brain-dead metal head reacts to Devin Townsend Project” :) Well, anyway, I knew on the spot that I had to cover one of Devin's songs, but... there...

covers · 10. June 2019
Long story short - “And On The 8th Day” is probably the most underrated KISS song ever. Coming from the band's first non-make-up album “Lick It Up” (1983) this track could potentially become one of the best Gene Simmons' live song. However, it was basically forgotten and the band has never played it live. Never. Not even once. It should be against the law to lay such songs aside, but we have what we have. Anyway, here's my bass cover. I don't think it's 100% accurate, but I guess it's...

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