Bass Cover #156: MOONLIGHT - Meren-Re (Rapsod)
covers · 05. December 2022
Still feeling very much melancholic so let's go on with the European doom/goth/dark stuff. The band Moonlight from Poland was very possibly the first goth/progressive band I've heard back in 2002, I guess. First, it was the video for “Meren-Re (Rapsod)” that made me fall in love with the band's vibe and the singer Maja Konarska whose voice sounded so tender and original. Some would say it was like The Gathering were born in Poland.

Bass Cover #155: PARADISE LOST - Christendom
covers · 28. November 2022
The mood is darker lately, so I'm back to the doom stuff. Here's another one of my favorite songs from the classic album “Icon” by Paradise Lost.

Bass Cover #154: KISS - Firehouse
covers · 21. November 2022
Time to play something from the first KISS album. “Firehouse” is probably my favorite song from that album, especially live. The studio version is too slow for my taste but it's still fun to play.

Bass Cover #153: VINNIE VINCENT INVASION - That Time Of Year
covers · 14. November 2022
If you speak with a KISS fan about KISS-related bands you can't help mentioning Vinnie Vincent. With a funny grimace, usually, because oh well... it's Vinnie. Vinnie Vincent was one of the most brilliant guitar players out there! We're talking Marty-Friedman-brilliant or even better because Vinnie could also sing and write amazing riffs and songs. This man used to have it all in one human body and it went straight to hell just because of oh so many reasons.

Bass Cover #152: RUSLANA - Znayu Ya
covers · 07. November 2022
Znayu Ya (or “Знаю я”, i.e. “I Know”) was one of the most popular songs by Ukrainian folk pop singer Ruslana. You might actually know her since she won the “Eurovision” contest in 2004 with her song “Wild Dances”. Anyways, she was extremely popular in Ukraine back in 2003-2006, and “Znayu Ya” was one of her trademark hits back then.

Bass Cover #151: ZZ TOP - Rough Boy
covers · 31. October 2022
Probably my all-time favorite ZZ Top song. Don't know why, it just grows through me. Also, its bass part is so simple that you can play it in your sleep. Try it :)

Bass Cover #150: SKILLET - Hero
covers · 24. October 2022
I know there are a lot of various covers for this hit song from 2009 but I don't really care this time because I love it and, frankly, I've never played this kind of stuff. It's some sort of a djenty alternative metal, typical stuff from the beginning of the century... I don't know, it feels challenging.

Bass Cover #149: EXCITER - Violence And Force
covers · 17. October 2022
This song was actually requested by someone (apologies, don't remember your nickname) a couple of years ago and finally, here it goes – “Violence and Force” by Exciter, a true legend of Canadian speed metal.

Bass Cover #148: EDDIE MONEY - Take Me Home Tonight
covers · 03. October 2022
Back to the 80s... and this time it's not something obscure but a very popular song. One of Eddie's absolute hits that's always there in the middle of various “oh those 80s” compilations.

Bass Cover #147: W.A.S.P. - Sex Drive
covers · 27. September 2022
A long time has passed since I played a W.A.S.P. song... Let's try “Sex Drive” from “The Last Command” album. As always, it's not really hard to play but I don't care because the song is so cool!

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