covers · 21. September 2018
The choice of this song, probably one of the most known tracks by Talking Heads, was a bit too obvious - I love its bass part! Yeah, it's simple and there's a lot of other covers for this song on YouTube, but who cares. As always, the tab is here too for those who'd like to learn it. See ya next Friday!

covers · 15. September 2018
Do you remember the 80's euro disco invention? Well, I do and even more than that - Sandra's first LP "The Long Game" was one of the very first albums I had on vinyl. And as a child I used to play the hell out of it! The whole album was great, but obviously "Maria Magdalena" was (and is) one of my personal favorites. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly realized it wasn't only an awesome pop song, but it also had a very cool and catchy bass part, so... here it is - my cover for "Maria Magdalena" by...

how's life · 08. September 2018
Recently I started buying various stuff to make my videos a bit better in terms of quality and today I got the light. Just a simple set of two 135W lamps with "umbrellas". Of course, I have to experiment with them a little to get the best result possible, but it's the first step. Probably I should purchase a normal studio background too... not that I have anything against my curtain though :)

events · 08. September 2018
Sometimes I leave my cave to attend a festival or two and I guess there's no reason not to share the videos from my music-related trips with you (of course if they're worth it). So here's my video about Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, the best and probably the biggest folk festival in the world. Nothing special, just some impressions and a few bands :) Please like, share and... I don't know... how about subscribing?

covers · 31. August 2018
The deal is I love the German folk scene and VROUDENSPIL is one of the best folk acts I've seen so far. I've seen them live at least 5 times at various occasions and the last one was a bombastic gig in Hamburg when these guys supported FEUERSCHWANZ (another of my folk favs) and it was literally one of the best freaking concerts I've been at! Bloody hell, it was amazing, I still have goosebumps when I remember that night. So I made a bass cover for one of their older songs called "Küss mich"......

covers · 25. August 2018
Going black metal with this quite unusual bass cover for "Ulvinde" by MYRKUR... What's so unusual? Well, because it seems like I was the first one to record a cover for this song :) Even better - I didn't manage to find any bass tabs for it, so I just gave up and wrote my own part. Yes, it's not a correct bass part, it's only my vision of how it could sound (in my head). As usual, I made a tab, just in case you'd like to play it my way. P.S. Love this band and this song!

covers · 20. August 2018
Want to make a KISS fan shut up? Ask him about his top 10 favorite KISS songs and enjoy a long silence and a catchy sound of his head exploding! As a life-long fan I find it nearly impossible to answer this easy (at first sight) question, but "Sure Know Something" would be sure as hell there, in my personal top 10... oh, alright, top 100, because 10 would be not enough :) This beautiful track has one of the coolest bass parts I know, it's not hard to learn, but ma-a-a-an you wouldn't create...

covers · 14. August 2018
For my first bass cover I've chosen a song simple enough to make me start feeling comfortable in this new role of another YouTube cover maker ;) This ACCEPT's anthem is known and loved probably even bu those metalheads who dislikes this band in general, because at the end of the day it's simply an awesome classic metal song! I strongly believe that the song's complexity has nothing to do with its quality. From my perspective, everything went quite good for the start, which is a miracle to me...