Bass Cover #95: THE HOOTERS - Johnny B
covers · 11. January 2021
The shortest video description on this channel: I just heard this song on the radio like 20 times in a row and loved it! No other reason to do it, just an awesome song. Yep.

Bass Cover #94: BEAST IN BLACK - Crazy, Mad, Insane
covers · 04. January 2021
This is my second Beast In Black cover, simply because I like the band and their songs are usually in heavy rotation on my Spotify account. As you might know, Beast In Black is an awesome band from Finland whose music unites damn catchy power metal and all the best elements of the 80's rock/pop culture. And those guys are freaking unbelievable live! “Crazy, Mad, Insane” is a song from their first album. I love all tracks on that one but I chose “C.M.I.”, maybe because I wanted to make a...

Bass Cover #93: MEGADETH - 99 Ways To Die
covers · 28. December 2020
There was a time in the 90s when I was so-o-o into Megadeth! I've never been a fan of the band's early stuff but “Rust In Peace” and a few later albums were truly amazing. And a huge part of my interest in Megadeth was based on the bass player David Ellefson who was everything I wanted to be as a kid – the coolest modern bassist who played with a pick :) Well, anyway, I've always wanted to play something by Megadeth but, to be honest, their stuff has always been way too difficult for me....

how's life · 16. December 2020
It's the same concert I've posted before but a different video shot by another person. It's quite different because this guy wasn't very shy and actually managed to climb up the stage a few times. So, you can see lots of close-ups and my happy evil faces here :) Lots of great memories.

covers · 14. December 2020
The KISS Army can think anything about “The Elder” now but back in 1981, it was a disaster that nearly destroyed KISS. Which is kind of ironic since now the old KISS fans would give their favorite woolen blankets for a chance to see the band experimenting and doing something artistic and brave... Anyway, I've listened to this album around 1990 for the first time and was in love with it ever since.

covers · 07. December 2020
I love the first Cinderella album and I love each and every song on it, “Push Push” included. That is pretty much it, I've nothing more to say. Funny part, easy to play, rock and roll and all that :)

covers · 30. November 2020
It's about time to play some heroic Viking metal on this channel. Amon Amarth is one of the greatest in this style and “The Pursuit Of Vikings” is one of my favorite songs recorded by these guys. I mean if you can help yourself banging your head when you hear it I don't know what's wrong with you :)

covers · 21. November 2020
This cover has a little history behind it. Actually, I wanted to record a song by a popular epic metal band and then I hurt my back. Like, really bad. So bad I couldn't stand normally, let alone stand with a heavy bass on my neck. No worries, I'm a bit better now but still I was forced to play something much more quiet, something I'd have no problem to play while sitting on a hocker.

how's life · 13. November 2020
Actually, it was the last Mysterious concert ever. We were trying to find ourselves, probably more serious folky image and stuff... Well, the end was near :)

covers · 11. November 2020
To be honest, I didn't believe AC/DC would get back, especially since at some point Brian Johnson wasn't there anymore, Malcolm Young passed away, and that band's version with Axl Rose was... hm... a bit weird to me if I may say so. But hey, here they are again, with Brian and the first single from their upcoming album “Power Up”! I really liked the song and I'm really happy for the AC/DC guys who've managed to get their act together and hit the world once again.

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