Gene Simmons Bass Covers

Gene Simmons solo album 1978

Gene Simmons (c) 1978

  1. Radioactive (Simmons)
  2. Burning Up with Fever (Simmons)
  3. See You Tonite (Simmons)
  4. Tunnel of Love (Simmons)
  5. True Confessions (Simmons)
  6. Living in Sin (Simmons/Sean Delaney/Howard Marks
  7. Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide (Simmons)
  8. Man of 1,000 Faces (Simmons)
  9. Mr. Make Believe (Simmons)
  10. See You in Your Dreams (Simmons)
  11. When You Wish Upon A Star (Ned Washington/Leigh Harline)
Gene Simmons Asshole album cover

Asshole (c) 2004

  1. Sweet & Dirty Love (Simmons)
  2. Firestarter (Howlett/Flint/Horn/Jeczalik/Dudley/Deal/Langan/Morley)
  3. Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Simmons)
  4. Waiting For The Morning Light (Simmons/Bob Dylan)
  5. Beautiful (Mark Addison/Nina Singh)
  6. Asshole (Simmons)
  7. Now That You're Gone (Simmons/Bob Kulick)
  8. Whatever Turns You On (Simmons/Dave Williams)
  9. Dog (Simmons/Bag)
  10. Black Tongue (Simmons/Frank Zappa)
  11. Carnival of Souls (Simmons/Scott Van Zen)
  12. If I Had a Gun (Simmons/Bag)
  13. 1,000 Dreams (Simmons)
  14. Everybody Knows (Simmons)
  15. You're My Reason For Livin (Simmons)

Gene Simmons The Vault Experience album cover

Gene Simmons Vault (c) 2017