I'm Albert "Lexx" and I play bass. Basically, this website was meant to be a web presence of my bass cover YouTube channel "Bass vs Zombies", and it is. However, since I also play live sometimes I thought it was a logical idea to broaden the topic slightly. Like... I dunno, everything playing bass, how 'bout that? On this page, you can contact me and also see a list of the past and current bands I was happy to join. Different bands, different styles, very different times.

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2021 - present
Das Letzte Lager (death metal) - live bass

Rising Tides (progressive rock) - live bass

Desperadoz (pop rock) - studio bass

1997 - 1999
H.M.D.D.A.M. (punk cover band) - lead vocals

1997 - 1999
Mysterious (power metal) - live/studio bass, back vocals

1996 - 1997
The Jet (grunge/punk) - live bass