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Hi, my name is Albert Buchatskyy and this is my little website mainly focused on the creative side of my life: vector design, webdesign, various graphics and also some photography. Of course I have been changing my goals from time to time. For example, I was very active as as a webdesigner till 2011, but then I changed Photoshop for Illustrator and got deep into illustration design. I was keen on the concert photography, but now you can rarely see me with a camera. Jeez, I even tried myself in 3D once! But here I just decided to publish it all - everything I've done and what I'm doing now, no matter if it's still a thing for me.

Speaking about my current occupation, I work at Jimdo GmbH in Hamburg, Germany (something far from design for a change) and also draw illustrations for many microstocks (for now it's just a little hobby).

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