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events · 26. November 2019
I love love love this band and it was my I guess sixth Coppelius show. I've seen them at a couple of festivals, including Wave Gotik Treffen and some solo gigs so this time I wanted not only to have my usual fun but also to shoot some videos because let's face it – the whole world has to know about Coppelius! I've no idea why the elf are they known only in Germany. First of all, these guys raise some serious hell with cellos, clarinets, live drums + some self-made crazy ass instruments....

events · 06. July 2019
I just loved this Mongolian band when I first saw their videos! Some would say they sound like Manowar if they'd play Mongolian folk instruments, but I'd say it's real metal played Mongolian way. So, when I heard they' were about to play in Hamburg I bought a ticket right away.