Under Jolly Roger - The Anniversary Episode

"Under Jolly Roger" was a weekly rock/metal TV show on the local "Tonis" TV station in my home-town Charkiw in the early '90s. We didn't have any "Headbanger's Ball" in Ukraine, we didn't have anything like that but we had "Under Jolly Roger".

I recorded this UJR special from the TV back in 1993 and... I not so long ago I still found it in my things. What were the odds?! Of course, it was a video cassette, it was very old, 28 years old and, sadly, the video lost all colors. The quality is terrible but I still digitalized it for everybody to see because I believe there's no other copy in the whole world :) Maybe it's just a little piece of Charkiw history but it's a huge piece of my own history.

P.S. Of course, I had to cut all the music videos out. YouTube doesn't like them and thinks I'm a pirate. Am I?

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