how's life

how's life · 26. October 2018
Halloween is almost there and even though I don't really celebrate it I do love horror movies... So the next bass cover is going to be a very special one. First, it will have a bit of action and second, it will be heavily influenced by a horror movie you all know :) It's not like I'm going Hollywood or anything, I just wanted to have some fun, do a cover of a classic rock song I'v always loved and make it special. You'll see on 31.10. I hope you'll like it... and here's a little...

how's life · 14. October 2018
Just got a new bass and it's Jackson X Series CBXNT V Transparent Black and it's just too good to be true! It's a real pleasure to hold it and the sound is amazing! Kudos Jackson Guitars! Actually I've never had a 5-string instrument before, so I guess I have a lot of practice ahead. And also lots of interesting and challenging covers too...

how's life · 08. September 2018
Recently I started buying various stuff to make my videos a bit better in terms of quality and today I got the light. Just a simple set of two 135W lamps with "umbrellas". Of course, I have to experiment with them a little to get the best result possible, but it's the first step. Probably I should purchase a normal studio background too... not that I have anything against my curtain though :)