Bass Cover #112: POLARKREIS 18 - Allein Allein

Polarkreis 18 was a German pop/synth-pop band and “Allein Allein” (“Alone Alone”) was their only real hit. In 2008 it made its way all up to #1 on German charts and soon it became pretty painful to hear it EVERYWHERE :) I mean it was everywhere! You could hear it from the cars, cafes, radios and TV sets all over Germany for quite a long time. You couldn't have a 20-minute taxi ride without hearing “Allein Allein” on the radio.

All this overexposure aside, it was a pretty solid song with a decent “earworm” effect. The bass part is simple and fun to play, though I guess I made it a bit more difficult than the bassman Uwe Pasora used to play live. It had a sense for the band to simplify the bass parts live since 75% of bass sounds were played on keyboards. Anyway, I'd play it like this and you're welcome to play it simpler, i.e. without playing octaves in the choruses. Have fun!

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