covers · 16. July 2019
Yesterday I was damn tired after two almost full-day rehearsals but strangely enough still felt a major buzz inside, like I really needed to cover something... So I chose a very easy song from one of my all-time favorite Alice Cooper albums - “Brutal Planet”. As I said, it's very easy, perfect for the beginners, yet heavy and quite a fun to play. It's such a brutal planet, it's such an ugly world... Enjoy!

covers · 09. July 2019
I'm not a fan of Extreme, but “Hip Today” is an awesome song with a super tasty bass line. Pat Badger has played it with fingers, so I had to get my shit together and play it with fingers too :) Enjoy!

covers · 24. June 2019
Honestly, I've discovered Devin Townsend just a coupe of months ago and that was quite a day! Like... what is that? His music is the craziest progressive mix of styles possible and I wasn't prepared for anything like that. I was so thrilled that you could probably shoot me in one of those stupid ass “reaction” videos, that could be called “Brain-dead metal head reacts to Devin Townsend Project” :) Well, anyway, I knew on the spot that I had to cover one of Devin's songs, but... there...

covers · 10. June 2019
Long story short - “And On The 8th Day” is probably the most underrated KISS song ever. Coming from the band's first non-make-up album “Lick It Up” (1983) this track could potentially become one of the best Gene Simmons' live song. However, it was basically forgotten and the band has never played it live. Never. Not even once. It should be against the law to lay such songs aside, but we have what we have. Anyway, here's my bass cover. I don't think it's 100% accurate, but I guess it's...

covers · 28. May 2019
Beast In Black is one of those bands who keep the metal music alive nowadays. When Anton Kabanen left Battle Beast (another Finnish metal band I used to like) I thought it was the end of a good band, but apparently it was the beginning of something new – his new band Beast In Black which I found even better! It was the same hit-oriented epic mix of metal and 80's wave, but this time with outstanding vocals by Yannis Papadopoulos. Well, you just have to hear his voice, it's freaking...

covers · 06. May 2019
One of my all-time 80's disco favorites has never had a bass line... And I think it's very unfair! So I did one :) As in come of my earlier covers, I wasn't sure if it's authentic or not, I just recorded something that as I felt was right for this song. At the same time, I have no idea why nobody has ever made a metal cover for it... I mean just listen to this chorus – it was born to be a power metal hit! I'm starting to approach the dark side and believe the classic power metal has been born...

covers · 24. April 2019
My previous cover for Babymetal's “Headbangggggeeeeerrrrr!!!!!” was received so well that I just went ahead and made another one – for “Meta Taro”. At first it sounds like a very simple fantasy “marching” type of a song, but let me assure you it's not as simple as it seems. At least you have to be super precise when playing it (I wouldn't say I've managed to do so for 100% hehe) and it can be a great tempo exercise in case you prefer to practice with the real songs. All in all...

covers · 17. April 2019
Europe has been THE band which brought me to the rock music back in 1986. Back then all my friends had their “The Final Countdown” album (on the bootleg cassettes, obviously) and everybody played the hell out of it, no matter what was their personal music taste before that, rock, disco, rap, shmap – all my generation has learned to headbang and play their very own air guitars with that album! It was so huge, it was an instant living classic on the spot! And you know what, I'm still a big...

covers · 01. April 2019
I've never been a Ghost fan, but this song is definitely good. Not that I realized it right away though... rather when they started to play it on the local rock radio like every f***ing 30 minutes! That's when I got it was catchy enough to make me hum its melody even in my sleep. Well, there was the only way to fix it – by making a cover!

covers · 19. March 2019
“The Carpenter” is one of those very early Nightwish songs that I cannot stop loving, even though I'm way more into the late band's stuff (starting from “Nemo”). Still, it's a very nice song... maybe too simple, maybe naive, maybe poorly recorded and produced, but I still find it very appealing somehow. I'm not going to say it was hard to learn and play, but “The Carpenter” definitely has its moments :)

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