Bass Cover #115: GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER - Ich Boykottiere Dich
covers · 21. July 2021
I did that little experiment a couple of years ago with “Recovery” by LP when I took a song with no bass part at all and just tried quickly to come up with a bass line from zero. And you know what, I liked that :) I mean, it's kinda cool to imagine WHAT IF a song had a bass line... and not just improvise but try to come up with something that would sorta suit the song. I seriously encourage you to try it, it's funny as a bunch of rabbits!

Bass Cover #114: TIAMAT - Whatever That Hurts
covers · 12. July 2021
The album “Wildhoney” (1994) by Tiamat was one of those albums of the early 90s that really changed everything for me. It won't be an exaggeration if I tell you it was a little sonic revolution for me back then because I've never heard anything like that. I used to think all doom metal was something like Candlemess but Tiamat was something completely different. It had no epicness, only pure cosmic-size progressive almost liquid decay and depression caught on tape.

Bass Cover #113: KISS - Great Expectations
covers · 05. July 2021
Arguably the oddest song on the KISS classic album “Destroyer”... and I love it. I've no doubt that it's rather a Bob Ezrin's song than a KISS song but who cares? Were you offended when KISS played it with a real children's choir in Sydney during their “Kiss Symphony” performance? I wasn't. In fact, I was rather thrilled. And it has a nice bass line. Really, just listen to it! Pure Gene with his melody-first approach I love so much! It's a real pleasure to play it.

Bass Cover #112: POLARKREIS 18 - Allein Allein
covers · 28. June 2021
Polarkreis 18 was a German pop/synth-pop band and “Allein Allein” (“Alone Alone”) was their only real hit. In 2008 it made its way all up to #1 on German charts and soon it became pretty painful to hear it EVERYWHERE :) I mean it was everywhere! You could hear it from the cars, cafes, radios and TV sets all over Germany for quite a long time. You couldn't have a 20-minute taxi ride without hearing “Allein Allein” on the radio.

Bass Cover #111: MERCYFUL FATE - Return Of The Vampire
covers · 05. June 2021
Mercyful Fate is probably of the most underrated metal bands ever. They've practically invented progressive and black metal and all they got for that is a couple of “yeah, “Come To The Sabbath” was a nice song”. I just can't wrap my head around it, srsly. Well, however, in my book Mercyful Fate was a legendary band, way ahead of its time with all their classic albums. The reunited 90's Mercyful Fate was great too, though I've always preferred the originals. And Timi Hansen, my sweet...

Bass Cover #110: ALICE COOPER - Skeletons In The Closet
covers · 24. May 2021
“Skeletons In The Closet” is one of the most obscure songs from one of the most obscure albums by Mr. Alice Cooper, though for some reason almost anyone who listens to "Special Forces" for the first time tends to remember this particular song.

Bass Cover #109: GENE SIMMONS - Promise The Moon
covers · 17. May 2021
Gene Simmons has tons of demos (95% of them were actually released on his “Vault” box set) but this one is probably my favorite one. “Promise The Moon” was one of Gene's songs for the “Crazy Nights” album and this fact is damn hard to swallow... I mean “Sword And Stone” and “Promise The Moon” were not good enough for the album but “No, No, No” was? *sigh*

Bass Cover #108: COREY HART - Sunglasses At Night
covers · 03. May 2021
Going back to '80s with “Sunglasses At Night” by Corey Hart, a very special song with lots of little things from different genres mixed together. New wave, rock, pop, maybe even a little of early goth vibe can be found here too.

Bass Cover #107: ELVIS PRESLEY - Hound Dog
covers · 26. April 2021
Last year I started some sort of a tradition – in April I cover one of the songs my mom used to like. She's not with us anymore but I find it nice to celebrate her life with something she liked. This time it's an absolute classic “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley (originally by Big Mama Thornton).

Bass Cover #106: CREMATORY - Tears Of Time
covers · 19. April 2021
There were times when Crematory was very popular among goth/doom people, especially in Europe and especially in the middle of the '90s. “Tears Of Time” was released on the band's arguably the most popular album “Illusions” and the song itself became – again arguably – their most popular song ever. Well, at least I've seen Crematory two times live, and “Tears Of Time” was always the right song to close their gigs.

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