covers · 26. October 2020
This cover was requested in the comments + I really love this song, so... here it is, one of the biggest hits of The Bolshoi, a well-known 80's English post-punk band. It's very easy to play, yet I'd say (my opinion) people usually play it not entirely correct, especially the choruses.

covers · 19. October 2020
I've always wanted to play this piece of true metal epicness! Though, I have to note that I seriously doubt there was just one bass part on the original “Defender” record. I mean, the guitars and bass sound quite similar here, and who knows what maestro DeMaio had played there? So, I played what I'd play if I had to perform it live but you're welcome to add something from yourself. It's fun to play too! I mean, how often do you play arpeggios on bass?! :)

covers · 05. October 2020
Varg is a German pagan metal band (no relation to Varg Vikernes). First time I've seen these guys live in 2009 and honestly, didn't find them interesting enough, but then the album “Wolfskult” came out in 2011 and it just blew me away! I've listened all crap out of this CD with totally awesome and even kind of catchy mix of pagan, death and black metal! That's why I'm glad to cover one of my favorite Varg tunes here - “Nagelfar”... about Nagelfar, you know, the mystic ship made of...

covers · 21. September 2020
There's nothing to explain here, really. “Rock Soldiers” is an old hard rock anthem from the first self-titled album of the band Frehley's Comet formed basically to start the solo career of none other than Mr. Ace fucking Frehley! The song is just brilliant, Ace still plays it live on every tour and you gotta hear how freaking loud the crowd yells “Ace is back and I told you so!” and “He's gotta play without ace in his deck!” parts!

covers · 15. September 2020
The Dark Element is a band made by ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon and Jani Liimatainen (ex Sonata Arctica) and unlike the most number of solo bands formed by people who used to be in various “big” bands this one is really something beautiful! In my opinion, of course. I really liked their first album even though many Nightwish fans thought it was too close to the style of... well, Nightwish :) Really, I didn't and still don't care. The songs there were amazing and Anette Olzon sang great,...

covers · 02. September 2020
The power ballad “Herzblut” (“Heart Blood”) is one of those songs I really love and it's the only reason I tried to kind of cover it. I mean I don't think a lot of people know the song and would watch this video so it's more like myself playing for myself :)

covers · 24. August 2020
Sometimes you don't have to explain you choice of the song. What's to explain here? It's Poison! One of their absolute classics, one of their best-selling hits ever and also one of those ultimate party rock'n'roll songs you love no matter what ;)

covers · 19. August 2020
And once again a KISS cover on this channel, this time a song called “Take Me” from the “Rock And Roll Over” album released in 1976! Great and powerful song, quite rarely played live though.

covers · 14. August 2020
If the first Dio album “Holy Diver” isn't what you normally call one of the biggest classic metal album of all times, then... come on dude, I don't believe you :) It literally consists of the most iconic eternal metal hymns ever! “Stand Up And Shout”, “Gypsy”, Don't Talk To Strangers”, “Holy Diver” and finally “Rainbow In The Dark”. So today Travyss Drums and me would like to celebrate the legacy of one of the biggest kings of metal Ronnie James Dio and play a little...

covers · 11. August 2020
Well, maybe I'm not the biggest black metal fan in this part of the universe, but I do love some of the bands who play it. To be honest, Darkthrone has never been one of them, but then a friend of mine has suggested me to give the band's latest album “Old Star” a try and... it just blew me away! Mainly, because it wasn't your “true” black metal, it was rather a grim cocktail of black, doom and maybe a little bit of Mercyful Fate legacy too. I just loved this atmosphere and especially...

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