Bass Cover #170: SURVIVOR - Jackie Don't Go
covers · 08. May 2023
I'm a big fan of these two Survivor albums - “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Caught In The Game”. These two are just perfect pop-rock albums for me with amazing songs! Also, the singer Dave Bickler left after “Caught In The Game”, so I kinda lost my interest in the band after that.

Bass Cover #169: BRITNY FOX - Girlschool
covers · 01. May 2023
Just a cool song, one of the '80s classics ;) Simple yet fun to play. Enjoy!

Bass Cover #168: ALICE COOPER - I'm The Coolest
covers · 10. April 2023
“I'm The Coolest” was a track from Alice Cooper's second solo album “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell” (c) 1976 and I guess no one noticed this song which is not fair at all. Even though the album itself did rather poorly in States and there were no real hits on it... Well, anyway, this song has been drilling my brain since the day one because of its smooth sexy bass line...

Bass Cover #167: MEN AT WORK - Who Can It Be Now?
covers · 27. March 2023
Usually, I prefer to play something no one or almost no one plays but I have an excuse this time – I just discovered Men At Work :) Seriously, I didn't know about this band though now I remember seeing their singer performing the song “Overkill” in the legendary TV show called “Scrubs”. So, anyway, I wanted to play something by Men At Work while I was on top of my enthusiasm for this band.

Bass Cover #166: VOPLI VIDOPLIASSOVA - Марш Сiчових Стрiльцiв
covers · 20. March 2023
Vopli Vidopliassova (in Ukrainian - “Воплi Вiдоплясова” or just “ВВ” - pronounced as “VV”) is a very famous band in Ukraine. I believe you can hardly find a Ukrainian who doesn't know about these guys. Initially, they started from some sort of a weird avaunt-garde punk and finally came to an explosive mix of Ukrainian folk music and song-oriented pop punk. Actually, I guess Vopli was the first band with songs in Ukrainian I've ever heard.

Bass Cover #165: LORD OF THE LOST - Blood & Glitter
covers · 06. March 2023
Lord Of The Lost will present Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest with this song and I thought it was a good chance to play it. Especially since I actually liked “Blood & Glitter” very much. It's a cool song and it has a good chance to win if you ask me. Good luck to these guys!

Bass Cover #164: SARKE - Mausoleum
covers · 27. February 2023
When I discovered this Norwegian band I just couldn't believe I didn't find it earlier because in my eyes it was a f*cking jewel! Probably, it's possible to name Sarke a supergroup since it partly consists of people well-known for their work in other bands, like Thomas “Sarke” Bergil (Khod, Tulus) and Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone, ex-Satyricon). Their style is an interesting mix of thrash, black and sometimes even punk with lots of musical elements entwined together and always great riffs.

Bass Cover #163: KISS - A World Without Heroes
covers · 21. February 2023
It's time for another song from that very special KISS album you either love or hate - “Music From The Elder”. “A World Without Heroes” is one of my favorite tracks from there... though I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite “Elder” songs. The whole album is just fantastic!

Bass Cover #162: AVATAR - Colossus
covers · 13. February 2023
Avatar is a great band I discovered just recently for myself. I really can't tell you their style, there are way too many of them mixed in this Swedish caldron: groove metal, goth metal, industrial... eh, screw that, just check these guys out! Especially live!

Bass Cover #161: HIM - Wicked Game
covers · 23. January 2023
HIM cover version of Chris Isaak's “Wicked Game” was a massive success in the end of the 90's, everybody loved it, goth or not. At the same time, this song is extremely simple to play, just B - A - E over and over again, so it's perfect for rocking. Pay attention, cover bands!

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