covers · 25. May 2020
I'm not a Ratt fan at all, but “You're In Love” is a song I still kinda like :) Simple, groovy, funny.

covers · 18. May 2020
First of all, it's not the authentic bass cover, it's rather my version of how the bass line for “Kindrom” could sound. As you might know there's no bass guitar in the this song, Diary Of Dreams had a live bass player for maybe a year or so and I have no idea what he played back then, so yeah... I just wrote my own part. The key notes must be true though :)

covers · 13. May 2020
There's a special kind of bands you shouldn't like but still do :) Pixies is exactly that band for me. I've discovered them accidentally just a couple of years ago but just can't stop listening to their albums. Maybe it's a virus, I dunno. “Where Is My Mind?” is one of Pixies' best known songs ever and I've decided to start with it. Also, it's a great example of an awesome song based on 4 notes, so it's fun to play too :)

covers · 11. May 2020
Where should I start... I've listened to “Alive II” way earlier than I've managed to lay my hands on “Alive!”. It was probably in 1989. And needless to say I've played all crap out of it! Also, I had no idea how a real KISS how used to look in 70's but my imagination was exploding! Oh yeah! Anyway, “Alive II” had 2 LPs and generally it was a live record, but the second side of the second disc had 5 new songs recorded in the studio. I didn't care about the cover for Dave Clark Five's...

covers · 04. May 2020
One of my most favorite Nightwish songs from – kill me – my favorite Nightwish album “Dark Passion Play”. It was their comeback album with the new singer Anette Olzon and to be honest I was obsessed with that album and played the shit out of it. Also, I've seen the band live twice on that tour – in Leipzig and Erfurt. Good times ;) Anyway, this song is quite heavy (for Nightwish), atmospheric and has some wild, almost barbaric vibe in it. Also, it seems easy to play, but it's not that...

covers · 20. April 2020
Sepultura has been one of those bands who've introduced me to the folk elements in metal back in 90's, so why not cover a song from my favorite “Chaos A.D.” album? I chose “Territory” for the start. I wouldn't say the bass part is difficult here, but it is groovy.

covers · 16. April 2020
Today is my mother's birthday. Unfortunately, ten years ago she's passed away of cancer so the only way I could tell her I love her is by doing a cover for a song she has liked. It wasn't very difficult for me to choose one because I know she loved the old classic rock'n'roll. In particular, she loved some of the first rock'n'roll bands we've had in USSR, such as Sekret (Secret) and Bravo (means the same in every language, I guess). Bravo has been huge back then in 1987 with amazing Jeanne...

covers · 13. April 2020
I'm a big fan of 80's Heart and I'm not ashamed of stating this clear and loud. “Heart” (1985), “Bad Animals” (1987) and “Brigade” (1990) are very special for me since they're literally packed with awesome songs! Covering their #1 hit “Alone” was an obvious choice... by the way, do you know it's a cover? Search “I-Ten Alone” on YouTube and try living with it :)

covers · 06. April 2020
It's time for another classic Accept cover and this time I'd like to play “Midnight Mover” from the band's arguably the best album “Metal Heart”. I love the song, though the official music video for it was a damn mess! It was like someone was trying really hard to fool your vestibular system and make you puke :) Anyway, the song is cool as hell and the bass part is very melodic and kinda tricky sometimes, so enjoy!

covers · 30. March 2020
Just a very good song from the last Marilyn Manson's album I truly liked. I've been a hardcore fan of the band during his “Antichrist Superstar” and “Mechanical Animals” time and it kind of went downhill after that. The classic line-up disappeared, John 5 left and... yeah, that was it. The part is simple, but damn I love this “ghost notes” :) Personally, I don't know a song with more “ghost notes” than “mOBSCENE”, so it's certainly fun to play.

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