covers · 06. January 2019
How about some good pop rock on this channel? Maroon 5 is clearly very far from my usual music choice, but I actually liked playing this song. There's something in its bass part that reminds me of the classic pop music era of 70's. The Jackson Five maybe?

covers · 27. December 2018
Eric Carr has managed to record a fair amount of demos in 80's and some of those songs were truly great or at least had some decent potential. For example “Can You Feel It” or “Somebody's Waiting” are so awesome... I mean I can easily imagine the first one to be recorded by DEF LEPPARD or a similar 80's band. Well, it wasn't destined to become the reality and here's my little tribute to this cool song and of course Eric, one the best drummers in the world ever. I had to write my own...

covers · 18. December 2018
That's an awesome song by Porcupine Tree! No, I'm not a fan (at least yet), but when I heard this one for the very first time two weeks ago, I knew right away I had to do a cover. The part is not 100% authentic, but pretty close, though I believe my bass tone could be less “heavy”... oh well, I still like it :)

covers · 10. December 2018
One of my most favorite songs by Letzte Instanz, and I mean exactly this version, with a trip hop rhythm and cellos. Very dark music, the lyrics about a man in despair... The bass line was very simple, so I tried to make it a bit more diverse. So once again it's not really that kind of cover when somebody plays a song note to note. I just tried to write my own bass part on the basis of the old one, because that's what I find the most interesting to do :)

covers · 19. November 2018
I had to perform it since it's my favorite Def Leppard song. Not a big fan of the band, but this track and the video remind me so much about my childhood. The bass part here is very very simple, originally played with the pick, but I preferred to play it with fingers. Nice pop/rock mix.

covers · 14. November 2018
This song is a living proof of the fact that you can actually write a good one with only 3 notes :) Even better – you can make your bass player play it on just 1 string! I know Rammstein have a lot of more sophisticated tracks under their belts, but for some reason, I like “Benzin” and it's very hard for me to play it without some major headbanging :) Besides, I failed to buy a ticket for Rammstein again... I'm not sure how popular they are in your country, but in Germany it's close to...

covers · 07. November 2018
I’m not a big Queen fan, but can’t argue with the fact they were damn talented and they still have some monstrous legacy. Recently I heard a lot of buzz about the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie (didn’t watch it yet, but I know I should) and found no reason not to do a Queen cover. Damn it was hard! The Queen bass player John Deacon was a ninja or something and his parts were not for beginners at all. The most difficult thing in his parts was that he didn’t like to repeat himself, in...

covers · 31. October 2018
This is Ha-a-a-aloween!! Alright, who am I kidding, I don't celebrate Halloween, but I do respect its aesthetic side :) Big horror movies fan and stuff, that's why I decided to make this day special with a bass cover for Alice Cooper's “He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)”, which was actually the theme song of the classic movie “Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives”. For some reason (not only because of the music) this part of Jason's franchise is my favorite one. And the song, well......

covers · 24. October 2018
Another unobvious choice for a cover and another part I made completely myself since the original track had none. I can't really say if it needed a bass part, but hey, it's the Internet, right? There should be a place for anything. I can't say I'm a big fan of LP, but she seems a big natural talent to me and I really loved “Recovery” (both the song itself and its amazing video). It was the first cover I used my new 5-string Jackson bass for. Honestly, there was no sense in playing a...

covers · 17. October 2018
Being a life-long KISS fan I can't help loving what Ace Frehley does nowadays. The man's still very busy touring the world and releasing some kick ass rock'n'roll albums! “Space Invader” was great, but the new album “Spaceman” which is going to hit the stores in just 2 days, on 19.10.2018 already promises to be even better! That's why I decided to record a cover for the newest single from this album called “Rockin' With The Boys”. The problem was I couldn't hear any real bass part...

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