covers · 11. August 2020
Well, maybe I'm not the biggest black metal fan in this part of the universe, but I do love some of the bands who play it. To be honest, Darkthrone has never been one of them, but then a friend of mine has suggested me to give the band's latest album “Old Star” a try and... it just blew me away! Mainly, because it wasn't your “true” black metal, it was rather a grim cocktail of black, doom and maybe a little bit of Mercyful Fate legacy too. I just loved this atmosphere and especially...

covers · 03. August 2020
This bass cover is new and old... and new... and old... and kind of new too because it's new on this channel but also old because actually I've recorded it a month ago. As you might remember Travyss Drums and me have played it as a drums/bass collaboration (here's the link btw) and after that I thought it would be nice to record a separate bass cover with tabs for it too. The song is amazing and it would be too bad to just leave it, right?

covers · 30. July 2020
It was a sunny summer morning about a year ago when I finally came out of my dead-closed cellar and heard Midnight Oil for the very first time :) I mean I drove to work and they had some classic 80's songs blasting on the radio. When I heard “The Dead Heart” I was hooked immediately! Later I recalled listening to “Beds Are Burning” occasionally too and yep, that was the day when I discovered another awesome 80's band I've never really noticed before.

covers · 27. July 2020
I love Kataklysm because unlike most of death metal bands these guys can deliver some really awesome melodies sometimes. Groove and heaviness are a matter-of-course in this scene, but melody is a rare thing and you have to appreciate it. “Blood In Heaven” is just one of many examples, just listen to the chorus! The song itself is very real and emotional, I simply love it very much.

covers · 20. July 2020
Ok, ok... Anybody has his/her own guilty pleasure and I have a bunch of them! One of those buggers is probably this kind of silly ear worm songs you just can't kick out of your head! This is the craziest kind of songs ever, I swear! My favorite one is probably “Dayman” from “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. I go around mumbling “Dayman... ah-ha-a-a-a... fighter of the Nightman... aha-ha-a-a-a... “ and in about an hour everybody around me start hating me big time, but what can I...

covers · 16. July 2020
I'm a big fan of the original 1984 W.A.S.P., back in the day when Blackie and Co. were raw, bloody and could write a badass legendary song with only 3-4 notes. “B.A.D.” is exactly like that – simple, raw and damn fun to play!

covers · 13. July 2020
Don't even get me started on how many time I was asked to do this song and I'm really glad Travyss Drums and I could cover it together! Recording it was really a lot of fun, especially since my audience consisted of my wife and our three cats. That's what I call a rock'n'roll show... in quarantine... Anyway, I love what we did here and I hope you'll love it too :)

covers · 07. July 2020
Finally, I got to my first Lordi cover! I've always liked this band, right from the first time I've seen their “Would You Love A Monsterman?” video back in 2002. Some would say I got hooked on their image, but it really wasn't all about those monster costumes and masks. The main thing was Lordi's music which was like super catchy 80's rock with some modern technologies involved and horror-oriented lyrics. What was not to dig there? :) When the band has won the Eurovision contest in 2006 I...

covers · 29. June 2020
Another KISS song on this channel and it's the opening track from the band's second album named “Hotter Than Hell”. Nice middle-tempo song with Paul Stanley on vocals. The album itself is probably the worst KISS album in terms of recording quality, but the songs were f*cking great, still :)

covers · 22. June 2020
Yes, it's the first collaboration video on this channel :) Not so long ago Travyss Drums and me decided to make a cover or two together so... it's our first try. I mean it's rather my first try since I've never played any collaborations before. I hope you'll like it :)

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