Bass Cover #105: KISS - Rock And Roll All Nite
covers · 05. April 2021
Some would say it's an obvious choice but you know what... Sometimes you stop listening to a song just because you've heard it way too many times, and it slowly becomes a habit to exclude it from your playlists because come on, it's freaking everywhere + on every freaking compilation! And then suddenly you realize that you haven't listened to this song for like 10 years already and you miss it terribly! Get it? If so, you do understand what “Rock And Roll All Nite” is for me now :) A...

Bass Cover #104: GRAUSAME TÖCHTER - Liebe Will Beweise
covers · 29. March 2021
Ok, I guess sometimes I have the right to play something really special that I'm sure not so many people are aware of. Even though I know this cover won't have thousands of views, I really don't care. If I love a band I don't give a shit if it's known worldwide or not, I just can't help myself, I have to cover it! And maybe recruit someone else to their fan army, who knows :)

Bass Cover #103: BONNIE TYLER - Holding Out For A Hero
covers · 22. March 2021
Just an amazing song from the '80s without a bass line. Some would ask if it really needed one and I would answer “Sure it did! Are you crazy?! All '80s songs need some live bass desperately!” :)) Jokes aside... sure it did! :) I mean I love to do those mainly electronic songs with a programmed bass, add some live work, and see how harder and cooler they actually can sound live.

Bass Cover #102: DOKKEN - Dream Warriors
covers · 08. March 2021
I'm a huge fan of “A Nightmare On Elm Street” franchise... except for the terrible remake related in 2010, of course. I mean as a teenager I could watch all parts one after another over and over again, I knew every scene, every phrase, everything! And since my all-time favorite part is the 3rd part called «Dream Warriors», the song with the same title performed by Dokken is practically cemented into my brain forever. It was a classic 80's hard rock tune with so much power and emotion you...

Bass Cover #101: NERVOSA - Guided By Evil
covers · 22. February 2021
“Perpetual Chaos” is the new album by the all-female thrash metal band Nervosa and frankly, it's my favorite metal album of 2021 so far. I mean the band used to play thrash before but now it's rather thrash meets melodic death metal... something like that. I liked this album so much that I decided to play something from it and luckily, the bassist Mia Wallace uploaded a play-through video for the first single of the album called “Guided By Evil”. Thanks, Mia, less work for me :)

Bass Cover #100: ARCH ENEMY - No Gods, No Masters
covers · 15. February 2021
Well, first of all this cover is the 100th bass cover on this channel. Anniversary! And since I wanted this song to be special I chose “No Gods, No Masters” by Arch Enemy. This songs has a special meaning to me because it doesn't really sound like your typical Arch Enemy song. The verse has almost pop rock feeling in it :) And it has an absolutely my kind of lyrics I can totally relate to.

Bass Cover #99: OOMPH! - Lass mich raus
covers · 08. February 2021
This song has been requested by a dear friend of mine :) When it comes to Oomph! (officially the band we would have no Rammstein without) my favorite album is “Monster” (2008) and I'd be glad to cover any song from that one. Especially since the band is rarely covered on YouTube and I believe it's wrong on so many levels.

Bass Cover #98: KISS - Rise To It
covers · 01. February 2021
Yes, I do have a jaw harp (“Maultrommel” in German which means “mouth drum”) hand-made by a Ukrainian craftsman and I've always dreamed of using it for a cover :) I mean this bluesy intro played by Bruce Kulick has been born to be covered with various exotic music instruments... I guess... Anyway, I've done what I could. Obviously, any jaw harp can play only one note and mine is in D, so I had to break the intro into 4 parts and change the pitch on 3 of them with software. Of course,...

Collaboration: THE CULT - Sweet Soul Sister
covers · 29. January 2021
We've gone a long way to make this collaboration possible but here it is, finally :) The line-up: Guitars - Marco Verebely (Czech Republic) Instagram: YouTube: Drums - Travyss Drums (Canada) Instagram: YouTube: Bass – yours truly :) Instagram: YouTube:...

Bass Cover #97: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Der Tanz der Schatten
covers · 25. January 2021
Theatre Of Tragedy was one of the first goth bands I've discovered back in the end of the '90s. And it was a truly amazing one, also one of the first bands with two completely different vocals: soft soprano by one and only Liv Kristine + brutal growling by Raymond István Rohonyi. I really liked what they did, even when they abandoned metal for more synth sound, it didn't matter, I still liked their songs a lot.

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