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covers · 06. April 2020
It's time for another classic Accept cover and this time I'd like to play “Midnight Mover” from the band's arguably the best album “Metal Heart”. I love the song, though the official music video for it was a damn mess! It was like someone was trying really hard to fool your vestibular system and make you puke :) Anyway, the song is cool as hell and the bass part is very melodic and kinda tricky sometimes, so enjoy!

covers · 14. August 2018
For my first bass cover I've chosen a song simple enough to make me start feeling comfortable in this new role of another YouTube cover maker ;) This ACCEPT's anthem is known and loved probably even bu those metalheads who dislikes this band in general, because at the end of the day it's simply an awesome classic metal song! I strongly believe that the song's complexity has nothing to do with its quality. From my perspective, everything went quite good for the start, which is a miracle to me...