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Bass Cover #96: DEF LEPPARD - Rock Of Ages
covers · 18. January 2021
One more radio screamer for me, I mean when I drive somewhere and hear “Rock Of Ages” on the radio I can't help myself, I just scream it at the top of my lungs :) The song is a true fun time anthem and it's damn fun to play. Even better – since the original bass was synthesized I guess it makes it perfectly legal to play this part as you feel it should sound. I've seen some covers on YouTube and all of them were played quite differently. I played it my way and I guess it sounds nice.

covers · 19. November 2018
I had to perform it since it's my favorite Def Leppard song. Not a big fan of the band, but this track and the video remind me so much about my childhood. The bass part here is very very simple, originally played with the pick, but I preferred to play it with fingers. Nice pop/rock mix.