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covers · 19. August 2020
And once again a KISS cover on this channel, this time a song called “Take Me” from the “Rock And Roll Over” album released in 1976! Great and powerful song, quite rarely played live though.

covers · 29. June 2020
Another KISS song on this channel and it's the opening track from the band's second album named “Hotter Than Hell”. Nice middle-tempo song with Paul Stanley on vocals. The album itself is probably the worst KISS album in terms of recording quality, but the songs were f*cking great, still :)

covers · 11. May 2020
Where should I start... I've listened to “Alive II” way earlier than I've managed to lay my hands on “Alive!”. It was probably in 1989. And needless to say I've played all crap out of it! Also, I had no idea how a real KISS how used to look in 70's but my imagination was exploding! Oh yeah! Anyway, “Alive II” had 2 LPs and generally it was a live record, but the second side of the second disc had 5 new songs recorded in the studio. I didn't care about the cover for Dave Clark Five's...

covers · 17. February 2020
The first song of a very-underrated KISS record called “Unmasked” (1980). It was underrated probably because the band has just changed the style to some kind of a disco-rock, but I don't really care because the songs were so brilliant! And actually when KISS played them live they were pretty heavy, just watch them playing “Is That You” in Melbourne, Australia in 1980! Pretty close the British heavy metal wave of that time I'd say... The part is arguably the easiest Gene Simmons' part...

covers · 11. November 2019
There's not much I could say about this song – it's great, it opens one of the best classic KISS albums ever and the band used to open their shows with it back then, basically because it was a bombastic opening song! Frankly I was kind of surprised with its part played mainly on D and G strings, but it's always like that with Gene Simmons: surprises, surprises and more surprises!

covers · 15. August 2019
What can I say... it's one of those classic KISS tunes you can't miss even if you try. It's everywhere, it's played at each and every KISS show, it's in each and every best-of compilation and back in 1977 it was like – ba-a-am! - an instant classic. It has even gave the name to one of the coolest KISS albums ever! The bass line is a sweet candy too, though I wouldn't call it very easy because rhythmically it can be a challenge.

covers · 10. June 2019
Long story short - “And On The 8th Day” is probably the most underrated KISS song ever. Coming from the band's first non-make-up album “Lick It Up” (1983) this track could potentially become one of the best Gene Simmons' live song. However, it was basically forgotten and the band has never played it live. Never. Not even once. It should be against the law to lay such songs aside, but we have what we have. Anyway, here's my bass cover. I don't think it's 100% accurate, but I guess it's...

covers · 05. February 2019
It's time for one of my favorite KISS songs ever. Man, how I love it and its bass part! Crazy and raw KISS power melted together with the music genius of Bob Ezrin... Some might think it's a tribute to the fact that KISS is currently on their final tour and stuff, but no, it isn't since – guilty – I'm one of those die-hard fans who can't stand the current band's line-up and don't want to support it, no matter if they're lip-syncing or not. It's rather a new tribute to the favorite music of...

covers · 27. December 2018
Eric Carr has managed to record a fair amount of demos in 80's and some of those songs were truly great or at least had some decent potential. For example “Can You Feel It” or “Somebody's Waiting” are so awesome... I mean I can easily imagine the first one to be recorded by DEF LEPPARD or a similar 80's band. Well, it wasn't destined to become the reality and here's my little tribute to this cool song and of course Eric, one the best drummers in the world ever. I had to write my own...

covers · 17. October 2018
Being a life-long KISS fan I can't help loving what Ace Frehley does nowadays. The man's still very busy touring the world and releasing some kick ass rock'n'roll albums! “Space Invader” was great, but the new album “Spaceman” which is going to hit the stores in just 2 days, on 19.10.2018 already promises to be even better! That's why I decided to record a cover for the newest single from this album called “Rockin' With The Boys”. The problem was I couldn't hear any real bass part...

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