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covers · 19. October 2020
I've always wanted to play this piece of true metal epicness! Though, I have to note that I seriously doubt there was just one bass part on the original “Defender” record. I mean, the guitars and bass sound quite similar here, and who knows what maestro DeMaio had played there? So, I played what I'd play if I had to perform it live but you're welcome to add something from yourself. It's fun to play too! I mean, how often do you play arpeggios on bass?! :)

covers · 23. December 2019
Yeah, finally :) Manowar is one of my most favorite bands ever and sooner or later I just had to get to their songs! What can I say... “Kings Of Metal” is as classic as it gets, 1988, Manowar in their top glory! The bass part is beyond primitive, but damn it's fun :) Joey DeMaio is one of those bass guys who don't like to make things too complex without need, but don't underestimate him, he can play circles around other bass players if the song requires it! This time I chose “Kings Of...