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Bass Cover #99: OOMPH! - Lass mich raus
covers · 08. February 2021
This song has been requested by a dear friend of mine :) When it comes to Oomph! (officially the band we would have no Rammstein without) my favorite album is “Monster” (2008) and I'd be glad to cover any song from that one. Especially since the band is rarely covered on YouTube and I believe it's wrong on so many levels.

covers · 23. March 2020
Simply one of the best songs from one of the best Oomph! Albums, nothing more, nothing less. This German band is a jewel when it comes to the groovy riffs and the melodies that get into your brain and refuse to leave it. Ever :) The bass part is not difficult, but since I couldn't find a correct bass tab online I just made my own part which can be quite different from the original one here and there.