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Bass Cover #134: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Under The Bridge
covers · 14. May 2022
Sometimes it's worth playing something really “out of your league”, right? :) Dunno, I like the song even though I'm not really an RHCP fan. Also, I don't slap, and “Under The Bridge” is a nice example of Flea playing a non-slap melodic part. A bit challenging but totally doable even if it's not really your style.

Bass Cover #133: RUNNING WILD - Prisoner Of Our Time
covers · 02. May 2022
I was a fan of this classic German metal band long ago. How could I miss them with their “pirate metal” thing... I've played their albums “Under Jolly Roger” and “Port Royal” to death! The live album “Ready For Boarding” was damn cool too. I'll make sure to cover something from that era too but for now I decided to play one of their earlier songs called “Prisoner Of Our Time”. It's a nice track with an anthem-level chorus that would look just right in the same league with...

Bass Cover #132: KOZAK SYSTEM - Podaj Zbroju
covers · 18. April 2022
I've decided to break the silence with this song by the Ukrainian folk rock band Kozak System. The song is called “Подай зброю” (“Give Me The Weapon”, pronounced as “Podaj Zbroju”). The song is about the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade “Edelweiss”, one of the best military units of Ukraine, the real-life heroes who fought in the war in Donbas against Russian and separatist troops.

A Great Warlock soon to be!
how's life · 16. February 2022
I've gone crazy about B.C.Rich guitars/basses back when I was a kid! I mean how could you miss it, right? You watched that "Looks That Kill" video once and that was it, you were hooked for life! Back in 1996 my first bass was a handmade fake "Warlock" crafted by a local Ukrainian guitar manufacturer. Nothing fancy but I loved it... In 2004 I had to sell it before I moved to Germany. I had not much space in the bus + to be honest I was sure I was done with music. What did I know... Many years...

Bass Cover #131: EURYTHMICS - Missionary Man
covers · 14. February 2022
Even when I was too much into metal to like Eurythmics I still dug “Missionary Man”! Such an amazing song... and I was very surprised when I couldn't find any covers for it on YouTube. There are no bass tabs anywhere either, so I took it as a challenge :) I hope my version isn't too far away from the original.

Bass Cover #130: GENE SIMMONS - Radioactive
covers · 07. February 2022
This is easily my favorite KISS solo album of all four... and “Radioactive” is the most KISS-like song there :) The bass has been recorded by Neil Jason and even though it wasn't Gene's playing this part is very much in his style. Amazing part! He played a completely different one during “The Return of Kiss” tour in 1979 which was an obvious step since the live version of “Radioactive” was a lot faster and harder.

New bass, Covid and WTF
how's life · 05. February 2022
Things were not particularly good lately. All this Covid phase was kinda bearable at first but now you really don't know if it's going to end any time soon. I'm vaccinated three times, so I'm allowed everywhere but hey, we don't have that many places to go right now. All concerts and festivals are banned, postponed and canceled, including our first gig on 1.04.22 here in Hamburg. We've spent a lot of times preparing ourselves for our first gig and now nobody really knows anything. A few months...

Bass Cover #129: MONO INC. - Get Some Sleep
covers · 31. January 2022
The band Mono Inc. has a very special place in my heart. Between 2004 and 2009 I used to be a loyal reader of some of the leading goth music/culture magazines, like Zillo, Sonic Seducer, etc. And as I remember one of the issues had a DVD with new music videos, including the one by Mono Inc. That video for the song “Temple Of The Thorn” has just blown me away. It was definitely goth rock but with some heavy guitars and damn good riffs! Simple but full of soul and extremely catchy. Also, the...

Bass Cover #128: CHRISTOPH WALTZ - Ich Bin Das Neue Jahr
covers · 24. January 2022
Here's the deal – long ago in the galaxy named Austria which is not really far far away there was a TV show for children “Am Dam Des”. In 1977 a talented guy whose name was Christoph Waltz played a small role there representing some kind of a New Year Kid, a human incarnation of the new 1977 year. During his performance, Christoph had some dialogues with the show hostess (“I am the new year... and I'm here to stay!”) and also sang a catchy song “Ich bin das neue Jahr” (“I am the...

Bass Cover #127: THE KOVENANT - Chariots Of Thunder
covers · 17. January 2022
“Nexus Polaris” by the band known as Covenant and a bit later as The Kovenant has been a true revelation back in 1998. I mean that was one of those albums that changed the whole game. Not simply a brilliant album but a revolution, for me too. Ever heard of this album? Then go and listen to it on Spotify right freaking now!

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