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Bass Cover #177: W.A.S.P. - Sleeping (In The Fire)
covers · 31. October 2023
One of my all-time favorite W.A.S.P. songs... which is basically every song from the first album. Take any song from that LP and I'll say “It's my favorite one” :) Still, “Sleeping” is kind of special since it's such a beautiful and unusual power ballad and I even have a friend who chose it for her first wedding dance with her husband a few years ago (hi there, Xeniya!)

Bass Cover #176: THE RUNAWAYS - Queens Of Noise
covers · 29. October 2023
I've been a fan of Lita Ford and Joan Jett since I was a child and when I discovered The Runaways I was freaking speechless. Damn, those girls knew how to rock'n'roll! I know, I know, their playing was not perfect, the albums were produced not very well, and so on but I seriously think The Runaways was the most underrated rock band in classic rock history. Their first two albums are just packed with amazing songs and I don't care if someone thinks otherwise (I'm talking about you, “Rolling...

Bass Cover #175: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Lorelei
covers · 18. October 2023
It's time for some classic goth metal stuff, “Lorelei” by one and only Theatre of Tragedy whose untimely death I will mourn for eternity. This band was so great, even when they went a far more electronic path. Well, anyway, here's my take on one of their most beautiful songs. I added a couple of licks here and there, so it's not a 100% original part in this video. Just wanted to make it slightly more “busy” :) Enjoy.

Bass Cover #174: KISS - Strutter
covers · 11. October 2023
Classic early KISS, what else can I say? :) The bass part is damn fun like most of Gene's classic parts, so I encourage you to play the hell out of it.

Bass Cover #173: PIXIES - Gigantic
covers · 24. September 2023
Wanna bet you can make a cool song based on just one bass “phrase”? :) Well, you can. Sometimes no one gives a flying bird about complexity because the feeling is way more important. Also, I'm feeling like playing something like this right now, so I hope you'll enjoy some classic Pixies today.

Bass Cover #172: MANOWAR - I Believe
covers · 28. August 2023
One of those Manowar songs, you know... fairly simple yet fun to play. I didn't find any good tabs online, so I played what I heard in the song. You can use my tabs or make your own. Enjoy!

Bass Cover #171: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Hickory Dichotomy
covers · 24. July 2023
I wasn't in the right mood lately but it seems like I'm finally on my way back to bass. “Hickory Dichotomy” is a part I always wanted to learn and play though I didn't find any tabs online. So, here's what I heard on the record.

Bass Cover #170: SURVIVOR - Jackie Don't Go
covers · 08. May 2023
I'm a big fan of these two Survivor albums - “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Caught In The Game”. These two are just perfect pop-rock albums for me with amazing songs! Also, the singer Dave Bickler left after “Caught In The Game”, so I kinda lost my interest in the band after that.

Bass Cover #169: BRITNY FOX - Girlschool
covers · 01. May 2023
Just a cool song, one of the '80s classics ;) Simple yet fun to play. Enjoy!

Bass Cover #168: ALICE COOPER - I'm The Coolest
covers · 10. April 2023
“I'm The Coolest” was a track from Alice Cooper's second solo album “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell” (c) 1976 and I guess no one noticed this song which is not fair at all. Even though the album itself did rather poorly in States and there were no real hits on it... Well, anyway, this song has been drilling my brain since the day one because of its smooth sexy bass line...

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