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Bass Cover #146: SCORPIONS - Rock Believer
covers · 12. September 2022
I promised to play something by Scorpions once or twice. First, I wanted to do one of their classics but then I realized YouTube was exploding with those covers of “Blackout” and “There's No One Like You”, so... How about the title track from the band's current album? I actually liked “Rock Believer” when I first heard it on the local rock radio. Nice track with the lyrics I can totally relate to!

Bass Cover #145: KISS - All For The Glory
covers · 05. September 2022
While I can't call “Sonic Boom” my favorite KISS album I still liked it very much when it first came out in 2009. I mean the songs were far from being masterpieces but some of them were quite cool and catchy, though deep down I knew it wasn't real KISS anymore *slightly sad smile*

Bass Cover #144: FOREVER STILL - Is It Gone?
covers · 29. August 2022
Call me weird but sometimes I like opening bands better than headliners or at least I like them not less than headliners. It happened to me more than once. The band Forever Still from Denmark is a perfect example. Once upon a time, I attended a club gig of Cellar Darling (the new band of super talented Anna Murphy, ex-Eluveitie) and Forever Still was the only supporting band that played before them.

Bass Cover #143: RAMMSTEIN - Dicke Titten
covers · 15. August 2022
A wise man once said “No mood to play something exquisite? Screw that, play some Rammstein then!” “Dicke Titten” is a relatively fresh Rammstein tune dedicated to huge boobies :) Enjoy!

Bass Cover #142: MY DYING BRIDE - The Cry Of Mankind
covers · 08. August 2022
One of the most iconic funeral doom metal songs in history, not more, not less. I just always wanted to play it and finally, I happened to have the right mood for it. Great song, weird tuning :)

Bass Cover #141: ANGY KREYDA - Vrazhe
covers · 28. July 2022
Initially “Vrazhe” (“Foe” in Ukrainian) was a poem by Liudmyla Gorova which became very popular during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The poem itself got a lot of attention on social networks. It was even translated into many other languages, except Russian for obvious reasons. At some point, the band Angy Kreyda made a song with this poem (in original Ukrainian) and it basically started another round of virus popularity for “Vrazhe”.

Bass Cover #140: DAVID BOWIE - Within You
covers · 18. July 2022
Hands down my favorite track from the “Labyrinth” soundtrack! Maybe because when I was watching the movie for the very first time it reminded me of “Music From The Elder” by KISS. It was so... elderish :) Don't know, maybe I was wrong but it still sounds incredible to me. David Bowie as Goblin King walking those weird stairs upside down and singing “Within You” was just epic! Still is.

Bass Cover #139: TREVOR JONES - Sarah
covers · 11. July 2022
Another bass cover for a track from the official “Labyrinth” soundtrack – this time an instrumental composition “Sarah” by Trevor Jones. It's the main musical theme of the main character Sarah played by Jennifer Connelly.

Bass Cover #138: DAVID BOWIE - As The World Falls Down
covers · 27. June 2022
All right, it's time for a new movie special dedicated to the one and only “Labyrinth”! There will be three songs/compositions from the official “Labyrinth” soundtrack made by David Bowie and Trevor Jones and “As The World Falls Down” is a good start.

Bass Cover #137: AEROSMITH - Heart's Done Time
covers · 20. June 2022
There was a time in the middle of the '90s when it was almost embarrassing not to be an Aerosmith fan! Everybody used to wear their t-shirts, love their music videos to death and watch the second “Wayne's World” movie just to see the band rocking to “Shut Up And Dance”. Little did I know that it was the peak of their second coming. I kind of liked them too in general but I wasn't a fan, really. I tried to listen to their early albums and didn't find anything for myself, so I just gave...

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