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Collaboration: THE CULT - Sweet Soul Sister
covers · 29. January 2021
We've gone a long way to make this collaboration possible but here it is, finally :) The line-up: Guitars - Marco Verebely (Czech Republic) Instagram: YouTube: Drums - Travyss Drums (Canada) Instagram: YouTube: Bass – yours truly :) Instagram: YouTube:...

covers · 14. August 2020
If the first Dio album “Holy Diver” isn't what you normally call one of the biggest classic metal album of all times, then... come on dude, I don't believe you :) It literally consists of the most iconic eternal metal hymns ever! “Stand Up And Shout”, “Gypsy”, Don't Talk To Strangers”, “Holy Diver” and finally “Rainbow In The Dark”. So today Travyss Drums and me would like to celebrate the legacy of one of the biggest kings of metal Ronnie James Dio and play a little...

covers · 13. July 2020
Don't even get me started on how many time I was asked to do this song and I'm really glad Travyss Drums and I could cover it together! Recording it was really a lot of fun, especially since my audience consisted of my wife and our three cats. That's what I call a rock'n'roll show... in quarantine... Anyway, I love what we did here and I hope you'll love it too :)

covers · 22. June 2020
Yes, it's the first collaboration video on this channel :) Not so long ago Travyss Drums and me decided to make a cover or two together so... it's our first try. I mean it's rather my first try since I've never played any collaborations before. I hope you'll like it :)