Pedalboard against chaos

Pedaltrain Metro 16 HC pedal board

I have just 2 pedals (MXR M80 Bass DI Plus and PolyTune 3 Tuner) + sometimes add a fuzz (it's needed for a couple of songs I play in a band), but even with those two I just got sick and tired of having to carrying them in a backpack. My usual rehearsal set consists of these 2 pedals, 2 short cables, 1 long cable, a power "daisy chain", a few patch cables, and the big studio headphones. Imagine of these things carried in a backpack and what a horrible mess are they when I finally come to the place. Doesn't matter how carefully I sort and roll my cables, they look like a huge knot when I take them out. And each time it takes about 10 minutes to untie it!


Anyway here is it - the beginning of my attempts to do it right - Pedaltrain Metro 16 HC. It cost me 79 EURб weights about 3 kg (with pedals) and it's absolutely great for my small set of bass effects (there's still place for 2-3 additional pedals in case I'll need them). Also I bet there's a place for all my cables in it. Nice :)

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