Floor Jansen in Groningen, NL on 24.01.2020

Here's a footage of some selected songs I did at a solo gig of Floor Jansen in Groningen, Netherlands on January 24th, 2020. I'm sorry for the overall quality, the cam is kinda shaky, but the sound is not so bad which makes it sort of a video for the real fans just to get an impression of what it was.

The gig itself was great I'd say, kind of intimate and pretty emotional too. Floor's voice was incredible and the backing band rocked the house big time. The Dutch celebrity opera singer Henk Poort had surely added even some more excitement to the evening. He sang two duos with Floor (including the one in “Phantom Of The Opera”) and also sang a great version of “The Sound Of Silence” solo.

The only issue I've had personally was this idea to break the gig in two parts with a 15-minute pause in order to raffle the dress Floor wore during the first part of the show. It kind of killed the excitement a bit, but the second part was so strong that I forgot about those 15 minutes of waiting completely.

Oh right, and Floor spoke Dutch between the songs so... yeah, I didn't understand a word but people seemed to have lots of fun and laughed a lot :)

  • Ever Dream (Nightwish)
  • Storm In A Glass (Northward)
  • Nemo (Nightwish)
  • Slow, Love, Slow (Nightwish)
  • Sweet Curse (ReVamp, with Henk Poort)
  • Shallow Élan (Nightwish)
  • Bridle Passion (Northward)
  • Our Decades In The Sun (Nightwish)
  • Phantom Of The Opera (with Henk Poort)

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