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covers · 04. May 2020
One of my most favorite Nightwish songs from – kill me – my favorite Nightwish album “Dark Passion Play”. It was their comeback album with the new singer Anette Olzon and to be honest I was obsessed with that album and played the shit out of it. Also, I've seen the band live twice on that tour – in Leipzig and Erfurt. Good times ;) Anyway, this song is quite heavy (for Nightwish), atmospheric and has some wild, almost barbaric vibe in it. Also, it seems easy to play, but it's not that...

events · 25. January 2020
Here's a footage of some selected songs I did at a solo gig of Floor Jansen in Groningen, Netherlands on January 24th, 2020. I'm sorry for the overall quality, the cam is kinda shaky, but the sound is not so bad which makes it sort of a video for the real fans just to get an impression of what it was.

covers · 19. March 2019
“The Carpenter” is one of those very early Nightwish songs that I cannot stop loving, even though I'm way more into the late band's stuff (starting from “Nemo”). Still, it's a very nice song... maybe too simple, maybe naive, maybe poorly recorded and produced, but I still find it very appealing somehow. I'm not going to say it was hard to learn and play, but “The Carpenter” definitely has its moments :)