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New bass, Covid and WTF
how's life · 05. February 2022
Things were not particularly good lately. All this Covid phase was kinda bearable at first but now you really don't know if it's going to end any time soon. I'm vaccinated three times, so I'm allowed everywhere but hey, we don't have that many places to go right now. All concerts and festivals are banned, postponed and canceled, including our first gig on 1.04.22 here in Hamburg. We've spent a lot of times preparing ourselves for our first gig and now nobody really knows anything. A few months...

how's life · 16. December 2020
It's the same concert I've posted before but a different video shot by another person. It's quite different because this guy wasn't very shy and actually managed to climb up the stage a few times. So, you can see lots of close-ups and my happy evil faces here :) Lots of great memories.

how's life · 13. November 2020
Actually, it was the last Mysterious concert ever. We were trying to find ourselves, probably more serious folky image and stuff... Well, the end was near :)

how's life · 09. November 2020
Here's something special! The thing is... long ago in a galaxy far far away I've played in a heavy metal band called Mysterious. Suddenly I found a few cassettes with our concerts and various other stuff from 1997-1999. Of course, I digitalized it all. Now I'm going to create a special category on my YouTube channel and fill it with all those videos. I do understand nobody cares for the Ukrainian 90's underground scene and the quality sucks big time too but I still know a few people from those...

events · 14. February 2020
Nothing more to say, simply a bombastic show of four cool bands. I came there for Abbath, but I also like 1349 a lot.

events · 05. February 2020
It was a very spontaneous gig for me – I just saw the Twin Temple's video for “Sex Magick” (NSFW!), liked it very much and bought a ticket to the band's show in Hamburg. And I recommend you to do the same since the guys are on their European tour right now. Twin Temple is something I'd say! Awesome music, great show, Alexandra James is an amazing singer and front woman ... no bullshit, just watch the video. The supporting band Hexvessel was great too, not entirely my cup of vodka...

events · 25. January 2020
Here's a footage of some selected songs I did at a solo gig of Floor Jansen in Groningen, Netherlands on January 24th, 2020. I'm sorry for the overall quality, the cam is kinda shaky, but the sound is not so bad which makes it sort of a video for the real fans just to get an impression of what it was.

events · 29. November 2019
It was my first Wardruna concert ever and... frankly, I have no words, I'm f***ing speechless. It was beyond amazing! So, if you have a chance to go and see the band - don't think twice.

events · 26. November 2019
I love love love this band and it was my I guess sixth Coppelius show. I've seen them at a couple of festivals, including Wave Gotik Treffen and some solo gigs so this time I wanted not only to have my usual fun but also to shoot some videos because let's face it – the whole world has to know about Coppelius! I've no idea why the elf are they known only in Germany. First of all, these guys raise some serious hell with cellos, clarinets, live drums + some self-made crazy ass instruments....

events · 01. November 2019
I'd like to present you two amazing bands: the alternative metal band from Denmark FOREVER STILL and already well-known progressive folk metal band from Switzerland CELLAR DARLING (formed by three guys who've left ELUVEITIE). Both acts rocked hard this week in Hamburg! 0:00 - Forever Still 10:44 - Cellar Darling I'm sorry for the picture and sound quality, it was a very small club with not enough light, so I did my best :)

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