Mysterious – Live in The Fort, Сharkiw, Ukraine – 24.03.1999 - 1st Version

Here's something special! The thing is... long ago in a galaxy far far away I've played in a heavy metal band called Mysterious. Suddenly I found a few cassettes with our concerts and various other stuff from 1997-1999. Of course, I digitalized it all. Now I'm going to create a special category on my YouTube channel and fill it with all those videos. I do understand nobody cares for the Ukrainian 90's underground scene and the quality sucks big time too but I still know a few people from those times and I'm sure they would be thrilled to watch these videos :) Believe me, there's a lot of funny things for those who've been there. The first video goes online tomorrow. Feel free to watch, ignore, comment, tell me what crap it is, like or dislike :)

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