A Great Warlock soon to be!

I've gone crazy about B.C.Rich guitars/basses back when I was a kid! I mean how could you miss it, right? You watched that "Looks That Kill" video once and that was it, you were hooked for life! Back in 1996 my first bass was a handmade fake "Warlock" crafted by a local Ukrainian guitar manufacturer. Nothing fancy but I loved it... In 2004 I had to sell it before I moved to Germany. I had not much space in the bus + to be honest I was sure I was done with music. What did I know...


Many years have passed since then but I still wanted to have a Warlock bass :) However, those old 80s basses are kind of out of my price range ($3k+) and the new ones don't have that quality the old instruments used to have and cost only 50% less. So, I decided to buy a used body and a neck of a "Platimum Series" Warlock and probably at some point make a custom bass with it. There's no rush, it's more like a slow-slow project but I'm sure it will be a beauty someday!


I'll try to document the progress!

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