Neck damage: end of an era

Well, let's get that cat out of the bag - I'm not in the band anymore and there's a serious reason for that. After an extensive video shoot with DAS LETZTE LAGER I felt there was something seriously wrong with me. I felt really sick and couldn't go on. Luckily, I fell out of the last 30 seconds of the last take of video shooting for the last song, so it wasn't a problem.

I thought it was a minor concussion caused by headbanging but it was far more serious. Within a few months I learned to live with dizziness, sickness and even a few cases of unconsciousness. The accident happened in May and I still go through a therapy which is going to be quite long, at least until the end of the year. Apparently, I damaged my neck really badly.

Also, it took me more than 2 months to actually find a doctor who'd understand what happened to me. The therapy helps, I can work, drive and have my life but it would be not really professional if I let the guys in the band depend on my conditions. Today I might feel kind of okaish, tomorrow I might feel a lot worse, so... yeah. Even just standing with my heavy 5-string bass on my neck is hard for me at the moment. I can play a cover but I wouldn't even try to make it through a concert of even a rehearsal now. I decided I needed a long break to take care of myself and get back to the normal me. So be it.

And this is a new Das Letzte Lager video where you can see 11 hours of what exactly killed my neck :))

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