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Neck damage: end of an era
how's life · 25. August 2022
Well, let's get that cat out of the bag - I'm not in the band anymore and there's a serious reason for that. After an extensive video shoot with DAS LETZTE LAGER I felt there was something seriously wrong with me. I felt really sick and couldn't go on. Luckily, I fell out of the last 30 seconds of the last take of video shooting for the last song, so it wasn't a problem.

First three DAS LETZTE LAGER videos online!
how's life · 03. July 2022
From now on, the videos of DAS LETZTE LAGER, the death metal band I play live bass for, are available on my YouTube channel too. There will be more soon, but for now you can check the first three videos: "Krankheit Mensch", "In den Bäumen" and "Entmenschlicht". There's no real scenario, rather just a preview of what you'll be able to see at our first gig in September...

DAS LETZTE LAGER "Krankheit Mensch" video is out!
how's life · 15. June 2022
Suddenly, the first DAS LETZTE LAGER video was released today! It's for the song "Krankheit Mensch" which is one of my favorites from the upcoming album. From my perspective, it has very Black-Sabbath-ish riff... they say no one really does it anymore, yet here it is! Play it LOUDER!

New bass, Covid and WTF
how's life · 05. February 2022
Things were not particularly good lately. All this Covid phase was kinda bearable at first but now you really don't know if it's going to end any time soon. I'm vaccinated three times, so I'm allowed everywhere but hey, we don't have that many places to go right now. All concerts and festivals are banned, postponed and canceled, including our first gig on 1.04.22 here in Hamburg. We've spent a lot of times preparing ourselves for our first gig and now nobody really knows anything. A few months...

I joined a band
how's life · 21. September 2021
Today is a big day because I officially joined the Hamburg-based band called Das Letzte Lager as the live bass player. The band plays death metal (with probably some stoner metal vibes) with the German lyrics. We're already hard at rehearsals... Very cool stuff if you ask me, with big riffs, exactly what I like in this kind of music. I mean there are thousands of black/death metal bands I wouldn't be able to tell apart even if my life depended on it. And there are such acts as Dark Throne or...