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Bass Cover #168: ALICE COOPER - I'm The Coolest
covers · 10. April 2023
“I'm The Coolest” was a track from Alice Cooper's second solo album “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell” (c) 1976 and I guess no one noticed this song which is not fair at all. Even though the album itself did rather poorly in States and there were no real hits on it... Well, anyway, this song has been drilling my brain since the day one because of its smooth sexy bass line...

Bass Cover #110: ALICE COOPER - Skeletons In The Closet
covers · 24. May 2021
“Skeletons In The Closet” is one of the most obscure songs from one of the most obscure albums by Mr. Alice Cooper, though for some reason almost anyone who listens to "Special Forces" for the first time tends to remember this particular song.

covers · 16. July 2019
Yesterday I was damn tired after two almost full-day rehearsals but strangely enough still felt a major buzz inside, like I really needed to cover something... So I chose a very easy song from one of my all-time favorite Alice Cooper albums - “Brutal Planet”. As I said, it's very easy, perfect for the beginners, yet heavy and quite a fun to play. It's such a brutal planet, it's such an ugly world... Enjoy!

covers · 31. October 2018
This is Ha-a-a-aloween!! Alright, who am I kidding, I don't celebrate Halloween, but I do respect its aesthetic side :) Big horror movies fan and stuff, that's why I decided to make this day special with a bass cover for Alice Cooper's “He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)”, which was actually the theme song of the classic movie “Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives”. For some reason (not only because of the music) this part of Jason's franchise is my favorite one. And the song, well......