Bass Cover #168: ALICE COOPER - I'm The Coolest

“I'm The Coolest” was a track from Alice Cooper's second solo album “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell” (c) 1976 and I guess no one noticed this song which is not fair at all. Even though the album itself did rather poorly in States and there were no real hits on it... Well, anyway, this song has been drilling my brain since the day one because of its smooth sexy bass line...

You might notice the bass was doubled by a piano and that was what Bob Ezrin loved to do back then (just look at “Destroyer” by KISS with this bass/piano duo all the time). Pretty cool, huh?

I had to make the tabs myself because I couldn't find anything online. It's weird by the way because damn, I love this bass part! I can't believe no one has ever tried to play it before... The only problem is that the bass is so prominent in this song and sometimes it's louder than my playing, especially when those jazzy slides go. Well, I did the best I could, don't shoot me :)

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