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Bass Cover #142: MY DYING BRIDE - The Cry Of Mankind
covers · 08. August 2022
One of the most iconic funeral doom metal songs in history, not more, not less. I just always wanted to play it and finally, I happened to have the right mood for it. Great song, weird tuning :)

covers · 04. November 2019
First, I love My Dying Bride and probably it's even one of my most favorite bands ever. Live too! Strangely enough, their music always fills my soul with light and joy, unlike many other people who start feeling rather depressed :) Second, this cover was actually requested by my wife who likes My Dying Bride too, so... enjoy my dear! And finally third, it's a great song of a great band and I enjoyed doing this cover.

covers · 24. January 2019
My Dying Bride is one of my most favorite bands when it comes to the doom/funeral metal. Actually this band has a weird influence on me – I actually listen to it when I feel sad and... suddenly I start feeling a lot better and even enthusiastic! Of course I've always wanted to play something by MDB and finally I chose the first song from their latest album “Feel The Misery” which I love dearly. Great album and the song “And My Father Left Forever” is one of its best jewels. Nice bass...