Bass Cover #43: MY DYING BRIDE - For You

First, I love My Dying Bride and probably it's even one of my most favorite bands ever. Live too! Strangely enough, their music always fills my soul with light and joy, unlike many other people who start feeling rather depressed :) Second, this cover was actually requested by my wife who likes My Dying Bride too, so... enjoy my dear! And finally third, it's a great song of a great band and I enjoyed doing this cover.

The tuning should be C#, F#, B, E. Please don't get confused by the 5-string bass in the video, I just thought its tone was better for this song. Still, you can use any 4-string bass for it.

The part isn't 100% authentic here since I added a couple of little things here and there just for fun. The only real problem I had is the fact that the band obviously hasn't used any clicker back then and the tempo went faster and slower all the freaking time. Try playing with a not very stable drummer and you'll get an idea what I mean. Anyway, the mission has been accomplished somehow :) Enjoy! It's definitely not the last My Dying Bride cover on this channel.

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