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Bass Cover #143: RAMMSTEIN - Dicke Titten
covers · 15. August 2022
A wise man once said “No mood to play something exquisite? Screw that, play some Rammstein then!” “Dicke Titten” is a relatively fresh Rammstein tune dedicated to huge boobies :) Enjoy!

covers · 14. November 2018
This song is a living proof of the fact that you can actually write a good one with only 3 notes :) Even better – you can make your bass player play it on just 1 string! I know Rammstein have a lot of more sophisticated tracks under their belts, but for some reason, I like “Benzin” and it's very hard for me to play it without some major headbanging :) Besides, I failed to buy a ticket for Rammstein again... I'm not sure how popular they are in your country, but in Germany it's close to...