Bass Cover #13: RAMMSTEIN - Benzin

This song is a living proof of the fact that you can actually write a good one with only 3 notes :) Even better – you can make your bass player play it on just 1 string! I know Rammstein have a lot of more sophisticated tracks under their belts, but for some reason, I like “Benzin” and it's very hard for me to play it without some major headbanging :) Besides, I failed to buy a ticket for Rammstein again... I'm not sure how popular they are in your country, but in Germany it's close to impossible to get a ticket for them. The pre-sale started at 10 AM, I was there, spent exactly 58 minutes in the line (for the gig in Hannover)... only to see the message "Sorry, all tickets are sold out". Oh well... now I have to play their songs myself :) Could be worse, I'd say.

Update: YouTube blocked the video because Rammstein and their label are visibly against the fan covers... I'm speechless. Some of us just don't understand the XXI century and don't want to live in it, so... yeah, I had to upload it to Vimeo. Of course it's officially the first and the last Rammstein cover I've done.

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