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covers · 25. July 2019
After so many views, likes, comments and shares of my The Hu video shot at their gig in Hamburg I couldn't ignore the band anymore... “Wolf Totem” was my favorite song of all three recent singles so I chose it, obviously. What a powerful track! Plus, I found it especially cool that in fact my cover was the first bass cover for any of their songs on YouTube and it's cool to be the first :) Anyway, I didn't want to copy the song's original bass line and I made pretty much my own...

events · 06. July 2019
I just loved this Mongolian band when I first saw their videos! Some would say they sound like Manowar if they'd play Mongolian folk instruments, but I'd say it's real metal played Mongolian way. So, when I heard they' were about to play in Hamburg I bought a ticket right away.