Bass Cover #34: THE HU - Wolf Totem

After so many views, likes, comments and shares of my The Hu video shot at their gig in Hamburg I couldn't ignore the band anymore... “Wolf Totem” was my favorite song of all three recent singles so I chose it, obviously. What a powerful track! Plus, I found it especially cool that in fact my cover was the first bass cover for any of their songs on YouTube and it's cool to be the first :) Anyway, I didn't want to copy the song's original bass line and I made pretty much my own interpretation with the root notes from the original part and some additional licks I wrote (just to make it more interesting, right?). As always the tab is in the right bottom corner of the screen and you can learn the song and (in case you feel like doing it) record your own version. I used my 5-string Jackson because its sound – low and crunchy - was just right for the song.


The tuning is standard: G, D, A, E, B.



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