Bass Cover #4: VROUDENSPIL - Küss mich

The deal is I love the German folk scene and VROUDENSPIL is one of the best folk acts I've seen so far. I've seen them live at least 5 times at various occasions and the last one was a bombastic gig in Hamburg when these guys supported FEUERSCHWANZ (another of my folk favs) and it was literally one of the best freaking concerts I've been at! Bloody hell, it was amazing, I still have goosebumps when I remember that night. So I made a bass cover for one of their older songs called "Küss mich"... It's about a pirate who just got back from one of his crusades and is oh so hungry for love :) 


Oh, almost forgot to tell you this cover is quite rough because I didn't manage to find any tabs online and played what I heard on the record. The tabs are included. Like, share and subscribe, there will be more and more interesting and unobvious covers!

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