Bass Cover #5: SANDRA - Maria Magdalena

Do you remember the 80's euro disco invention? Well, I do and even more than that - Sandra's first LP "The Long Game" was one of the very first albums I had on vinyl. And as a child I used to play the hell out of it! The whole album was great, but obviously "Maria Magdalena" was (and is) one of my personal favorites. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly realized it wasn't only an awesome pop song, but it also had a very cool and catchy bass part, so... here it is - my cover for "Maria Magdalena" by one and only Sandra! I guess they've used the electronic bass on the original record.


P.S. It was very hot on the day I recorded it and there was a fan in the room, that's why my hair is flying like I'm acting in some classic Van Halen video :)) It wasn't done on purpose, I swear.

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