Bass Cover #8: KORROZIA METALLA - V Shtorme Viking I Mech

It's actually a big tribute to my childhood, because in the very beginning of 90's I was a big Korrozia Metalla (in Russian "Коррозия Металла") fan... And who wasn't? There were just a few heavy bands in USSR around 1988-1990 and all of them were very "civil", very safe. And Korrozia was a total madness, real punk-based heavy and later also thrash metal with very groovy melodies, occult lyrics and funny stupid-ass live show with coffins, zombies, nude dancers and even Satan himself :) Everybody who was into the heavy stuff loved them back then, their LPs and gigs were selling out like hot dogs! And I'd say it was totally deserved at that time. I was lucky enough to see the band's classic line-up live in I believe 1993, right after their album "Sadism" was released and wow that was an experience! In just a couple of years after that Korrozia was going to lose this line-up and become practically a circus act without real music. Too bad. Well, anyway here's my bass cover for their classic song "V Shtorme Viking I Mech" ("Viking And Sword In The Storm") from their album "Orden Satany" ("The Medal of Satan"). The initial part was too simple, so I upgraded it a bit with a couple of things here and there. Enjoy :)

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