Bass Cover #12: QUEEN - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I’m not a big Queen fan, but can’t argue with the fact they were damn talented and they still have some monstrous legacy. Recently I heard a lot of buzz about the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie (didn’t watch it yet, but I know I should) and found no reason not to do a Queen cover. Damn it was hard! The Queen bass player John Deacon was a ninja or something and his parts were not for beginners at all. The most difficult thing in his parts was that he didn’t like to repeat himself, in other words, if there were 3 verses in a song, he played each of them differently. And it frustrated me quite a lot, I mean I could play it but I couldn’t remember it! I just kept forgetting what was next :) You can tell I was very stressed playing the part by the way I was looking at the neck the whole song :) Still it was a very interesting experience!

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