Bass Cover #26: EUROPE - Rock The Night

Europe has been THE band which brought me to the rock music back in 1986. Back then all my friends had their “The Final Countdown” album (on the bootleg cassettes, obviously) and everybody played the hell out of it, no matter what was their personal music taste before that, rock, disco, rap, shmap – all my generation has learned to headbang and play their very own air guitars with that album! It was so huge, it was an instant living classic on the spot! And you know what, I'm still a big fan, I loved what Europe was doing back then and I love their after-reunion works even more, but “The Final Countdown” still stands out a bit, probably because it was and is so freaking perfect. So today I see no reason not to play one of my most favorite tracks from this album - “Rock The Night”. Enjoy!

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