Bass Cover #29: BEAST IN BLACK - Blind and Frozen

Beast In Black is one of those bands who keep the metal music alive nowadays. When Anton Kabanen left Battle Beast (another Finnish metal band I used to like) I thought it was the end of a good band, but apparently it was the beginning of something new – his new band Beast In Black which I found even better! It was the same hit-oriented epic mix of metal and 80's wave, but this time with outstanding vocals by Yannis Papadopoulos. Well, you just have to hear his voice, it's freaking unbelievable! Live too, because I saw them live once supporting Nightwish... So yeah, I had to make a bass cover for one of their songs and finally I chose their first single called “Blind and Frozen” because... well, obviously it's a great song :) Check the band out (http://beastinblack.com) and have fun watching me doing what I like doing the most (rocking!)!

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