Bass Cover #31: DEVIN TOWNSEND - March of The Poozers

Honestly, I've discovered Devin Townsend just a coupe of months ago and that was quite a day! Like... what is that? His music is the craziest progressive mix of styles possible and I wasn't prepared for anything like that. I was so thrilled that you could probably shoot me in one of those stupid ass “reaction” videos, that could be called “Brain-dead metal head reacts to Devin Townsend Project” :) Well, anyway, I knew on the spot that I had to cover one of Devin's songs, but... there was a “but”. He's a real pro, his music needs a lot of skills and here I am, a bass guy who's been playing his instrument for just 18 months... Anyway, I did my best. I know I've done some mistakes and the cover is not perfect, but I'm still kinda proud I've managed to play all these quick 1-string runs and stuff. That was a challenge and this channel is all about the challenge!

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