Bass Cover #60: BRAVO - Yellow Shoes

Today is my mother's birthday. Unfortunately, ten years ago she's passed away of cancer so the only way I could tell her I love her is by doing a cover for a song she has liked. It wasn't very difficult for me to choose one because I know she loved the old classic rock'n'roll. In particular, she loved some of the first rock'n'roll bands we've had in USSR, such as Sekret (Secret) and Bravo (means the same in every language, I guess). Bravo has been huge back then in 1987 with amazing Jeanne Aguzarova on lead vocals and my mom could listen to this record on and on. Here's one of the songs from that very record. For you, mom.

P.S. As always I can't say the bass part is exactly as the band had it on the record. First, I believe they've recorded it with a double-bass, and secondly, I certainly added some pieces from myself here and there. Enjoy!

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