Bass Cover #68: ASRAI - Stay With Me

Asrai from Netherlands was another band I've discovered at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and frankly, I couldn't think about any other acts on that day because the Asrai gig was f*cking overwhelming! I remember I was pretty bored and hanging out at the stage (I guess it was Kohlrabizirkus) when the band's singer Margriet came up on stage for the soundcheck and when she began to sing my jaw hit the floor! What a voice it was! Amazing! And it was just a soundcheck :) The show itself blew me away and despite the fact that I've never seen the band again yet I'm still a fan.

“Stay With Me” is one of those many beautiful songs Asrai is known for. I didn't find any other cover for it on YouTube so I did it myself. All by ear, so I can't guarantee the bass player Martin has played it exactly like I did. Maybe not, but I feel my part suits to the song good enough.

And yes, check the band out on https://www.asrai.net or listen to it on Spotify, it's freaking amazing!

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