Bass Cover #67: BATTLELORE - Journey To Undying Lands

Here's the deal – maybe you know it and maybe you don't, but there's a festival Wave Gotik Treffen annually taking place in Leipzig, Germany, and basically it's the biggest goth/dark festival in the world. All festivals in Europe have been already canceled because of that damn virus and WGT has been canceled too. For the first time in 29 years of its existence. I didn't plan to be there this year anyway, but still, I'm taking this cancellation very personal since WGT is my all-time favorite festival, I've been there 8 times and I'm definitely looking forward to be there again next year. So instead of being sad and cry in the darkest corner of my flat I'd better celebrate WGT and everything it means in my life by doing 3 bass covers for the songs of the bands I've discovered thanks to WGT.

The first band is Battlelore from Finland and I've seen these guys simply because I happened to hang out at the stage when they started their set. I liked them so much that next year I actually traveled to Glauchau for a one-day “Finnish Fire” festival just to see them once again... and unfortunately, they canceled. Fuck. Well, anyway thanks to WGT I've had a chance to see them and I still love all their albums and listen to them once in a while (check Spotify!). Currently, Battlelore is on hiatus, but I still hope to see them again some day.

Oh, about the song – “Journey Of Undying Lands” is probably my favorite one from the first Battlelore album. Really cool song and you should watch the official video for it! It's freaking epic! Originally, the bass is very distorted here and I tried to add a bit of distortion too, without overdoing it though. I hope you'll like it :)

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