Bass Cover #75: MIDNIGHT OIL - The Dead Heart

It was a sunny summer morning about a year ago when I finally came out of my dead-closed cellar and heard Midnight Oil for the very first time :) I mean I drove to work and they had some classic 80's songs blasting on the radio. When I heard “The Dead Heart” I was hooked immediately! Later I recalled listening to “Beds Are Burning” occasionally too and yep, that was the day when I discovered another awesome 80's band I've never really noticed before.

“The Dead Heart” is actually a very sad song. Citing Wikipedia, it's about “the forcible removal of Australian Aboriginal children from their families between 1909 and the 1970s”. Not exactly your typical 80's good time song. The bass part is simpler than simple, yet I enjoyed playing it very much. Also I'm trying to record the audio not to my sound interface directly, but with my bass amplifier in the middle and I think the bass started sounding a lot better now. Enjoy!

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