Bass Cover #77: DARKTHRONE - Alp Man

Well, maybe I'm not the biggest black metal fan in this part of the universe, but I do love some of the bands who play it. To be honest, Darkthrone has never been one of them, but then a friend of mine has suggested me to give the band's latest album “Old Star” a try and... it just blew me away! Mainly, because it wasn't your “true” black metal, it was rather a grim cocktail of black, doom and maybe a little bit of Mercyful Fate legacy too. I just loved this atmosphere and especially the riffs!

“Alp Man” is probably my favorite track from “Old Star” and since there are no tabs online I had to make them myself. That's why I'm not sure my part is 100% correct and I also added a couple of little things here and there from myself... If you find a mistake, please let me know!

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