Bass Cover #81: THE DARK ELEMENT - Only One Who Knows Me

The Dark Element is a band made by ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon and Jani Liimatainen (ex Sonata Arctica) and unlike the most number of solo bands formed by people who used to be in various “big” bands this one is really something beautiful! In my opinion, of course. I really liked their first album even though many Nightwish fans thought it was too close to the style of... well, Nightwish :) Really, I didn't and still don't care. The songs there were amazing and Anette Olzon sang great, what else would you want? “Only One Who Knows Me” is the last track from the first album and I think it's very underrated. Frankly, it's probably my favorite song on the album, so I though it was a great idea to play it.

Warning! There are no “official” tabs of the song so I've tried to make them myself. I've tried to stick to the original part, but in the second part of the second verse I've just snapped and played something from myself. If you want to play it as it was played for the album just play the second verse exactly the same way as you played the first one. Also the outro – I wasn't really sure what was played there so I did my own part. Maybe it's close to the original, maybe it's not, but you can play it like that, I'm sure no harm would be done. Have fun!

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